DashTrack is offering a cost-effective, streamlined one-stop solution for restaurant management through an all-encompassing platform. With this platform, DashTrack provides restaurant clients with customization that allows them to manage the many functions of their business, while also maximizing their digital presence to help grow their brands, the company says. “Our goal is to help our clients’ businesses thrive by allowing them to effortlessly manage their concepts with just a single login,” said Founder and CTO Jordan Hudgens in a statement. “We’ve simplified the complexities of overseeing multiple concepts and locations and seamlessly integrated multiple features and functionalities of restaurant management into one easy-to-use platform.” Developed with the range of the hospitality industry in mind, DashTrack is designed to offer four core modules to provide clients with a comprehensive and complete digital ecosystem, it says. “We want to be more than a service,” Hudgens added. “We want to be an effective partner that helps our clients scale their growth and achieve success through the ease of technology.” 

DashTrack 6803 East Main St., Scottsdale, Ariz. 85251; 877/528-6278; www.dashtrack.com