PHOCUS is expanding its partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe through an exclusive release of a new pineapple flavor in stores and on

PHOCUS pairs 75 mg caffeine and 75 mg L-theanine to unlock clarity and improve alertness, providing a balanced, focused boost, the company says. Using only five ingredients, the beverage avoids added sweeteners, it adds.

Renowned Grammy-nominated artist and entrepreneur Jack Harlow, co-owner and chief creative officer of PHOCUS, is the inspiration for the brand’s innovative formulas and flavors, the company notes. Harlow’s involvement adds a distinct flair of artistry and creativity to the brand, exemplified by the custom visuals he specifically created in partnership with photographer and visual artist Julian Buchman to announce the partnership, it says.

“PHOCUS was conceived in my hometown of Louisville, Ky., with one goal in mind: fueling creativity,” Harlow said in a statement. “Only 5 ingredients were needed to create our clean and straightforward beverage. One of those ingredients is L-theanine, an amino acid that can support calm and alertness in the mind of any artist looking to hone in on the story they want to tell." 

The partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe continues PHOCUS’s desire to drive awareness around fueling creativity. To captivate consumers with a one-of-a-kind offering, the pineapple PHOCUS is exclusively available in The Vitamin Shoppe stores and online through September, alongside the flagship Orange PHOCUS.