Koe Organic Kombucha unveiled new cans just in time for launch at Target and Rite Aid. This rebrand comes alongside a refreshed Koe recipe that now has 200% or more of the recommended daily value of vitamin, 25 calories in each serving, 15 mg of caffeine, and 5-6 grams of sugar in each can.

Koe’s new look embraces evolving trends in fashion, art, and pop culture, with a colorful background and distinctive retro “sunset stripes” that nod to the brand’s California roots, it says. 

“We can’t wait for everyone to see our inviting new look,” said Louisa Lawless, chief strategy officer for Koe, in a statement. “Koe is kombucha for the masses and we make it easier to make a healthier choice without suffering through the sour, vinegar-y flavor most people associate with kombucha. I like to say Koe is ‘sessionable,’ meaning it’s deliciously sippable any time of day, sometimes more than once a day. We embrace vibrancy in all facets of life and our juicy kombucha supports this. As our cans say, ‘It’s kombucha, only better’ — and we are firm believers in Koe’s better flavor, better ingredients, better packaging, and better benefits.”