Koe, a fruit-forward, USDA organic, probiotic-packed kombucha in a can, is getting a fresh look and an upgraded recipe. Featuring full floods of bright colors, retro striping, and geometric fruit illustrations, Koe’s new brand architecture embraces trends in fashion, art and pop culture, the company says. Alongside the new look, Koe’s refreshed recipe combines the power of live probiotics with a more than 250% dose of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C to support the immune system. 

“As demand for Koe has continued to climb, we wanted to scale the right way with branding that better reflects the beverage itself ― bold, vibrant, innovative and fruit-forward,” said Louisa Lawless, chief strategy officer at Stratus Group, in a statement. “Our ultimate goal is to create products that make it easier to be healthier. Koe is definitely not a soda ― it is packed with nutrients and real ingredients. But what keeps consumers coming back is the taste. We decided to lean into that with artwork that’s fun, ownable, and authentic to our LA roots. We even dropped the all-caps and umlauts from our name to simplify and focus on what makes Koe so much better ― our flavors, benefits, and convenient cans.”

The Koe team timed the rebrand to hit during spring 2022 resets, after which distribution will increase to an estimated 60,000 locations. The refreshed brand identity and packaging system was developed by Seattle-based design firm Turnstyle. The new look of the packaging was designed to convey Koe's easy-drinking, fun, relaxed SoCal vibe, with a trendy color pallet, and modern fruit illustrations.

The new formula only contains 5-6 grams of sugar and 25 calories in each 12-ounce can. Additionally, Koe boasts a 12-month shelf life for easy storage and unlimited display opportunities. Koe is available in seven flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Dragonfruit, Mango, Blueberry Ginger, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, and Tropical. The newly designed cans will be offered at retailers beginning this spring, with a sneak peek available at Natural Products Expo West.