The Clean Beverage Co., a division of Alkaline Water Co., announced the launch of its brand new line of six natural A88CBD functional waters: Reenergize, Berry Black; Refresh, Lemon Lime; Relax, Peach Mango; Rest, Strawberry Kiwi; Relief, Grapefruit Ginger; and Resistance, Orange Tangerine. The new A88CBD functional waters, powered by Vessel Closure, a patented technology that stores the CBD and other active or functional ingredients in a pressurized chamber in the bottle cap until the consumer twists it open, enables an instant infusion of fresh flavor and functionality. Just twist, infuse, and enjoy, the company says. The six natural CBD functional waters are packaged in 15.6-ounce bottles, infused with hemp extract, with added electrolytes and minerals. Alkaline Water Co.’s products are available for purchase online at 

Alkaline Water Co., Scottsdale, Ariz.


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