SweetWater Brewing Co. LLC and Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. announced the launch of SweetWater Broken Coast BC Lager, a coastal lager with added twists of key lime and orange. The 5.5% ABV. lager does not have a cannabis flavor and does not contain cannabis, but rather is inspired by the Broken Coast brand and some of its strain offerings. SweetWater's Broken Coast BC Lager, features aroma notes of key lime pie and orange zest from a special blend of hops and other natural flavors, the company says. SweetWater's Broken Coast BC Lager is available exclusively in the United States on draft in bars, restaurants, and select retail locations. Six-pack cans began sales on July 12, it adds.

SweetWater Brewing Co. LLC, Atlanta

Internet: www.sweetwaterbrew.com

Distribution: Select markets