Brody’s Crafted Cocktails, a woman-founded beverage brand, released a collection of five bottled cocktails. The line features a combination of ready-to-pour cocktails meant to be enjoyed as is or customized by adding a sparkling beverage of choice. The following are the ready-to-pour cocktails from the brand: Minted Mule, a minty mingle of vodka and spicy ginger with a splash of lime (25% ABV); French 75, notes of bright juniper gin with a tart lemon kiss and a lingering licorice finish (18% ABV); Air Mail, rum infused with rich honey, bright lime and earthy aromatic bitters (20% ABV); Black Orchid, a fresh bouquet of vodka, fruit and flowers, featuring black raspberry, citrus and violet (16% ABV); and Touch of Grey, a bittersweet blend of gin, black tea, bergamot, black raspberry and honey (17% ABV). Brody’s cocktails are available in 375-ml bottles and serve up to five cocktails in each bottle. Brody’s currently is retailed in the Greater Philadelphia area and to 31 states via its eCommerce platform with a suggested retail price of $14.99-$16.99 for a bottle. 

Brody’s Crafted Cocktails, Collingswood, N.J.


Distribution: Select markets, online