CERIA Brewing Co., Arvada, Colo., reports its distribution network has doubled in the past 12 months.

The two CERIA styles ― Grainwave Belgian White and Indiewave IPA non-alcohol craft beers ― created by Colorado brewmaster Keith Villa, are currently carried by 40 distributors in 18 states and U.S. territories, including recent distributor relationships in Texas and Puerto Rico.

Increased interest in health and wellness, spawned by the pandemic and the low- and no-alcohol movement, and CERIA’s 0.0% ABV positioning, are credited with distributors’ interest and desire to take on the brand, Villa says.

 “Told repeatedly to wash their hands and to wear face masks to control the spread of Covid-19, consumers have become more conscious of their health, in many cases reducing or avoiding the consumption of alcohol,” Villa said in a statement. “Adding to growing interest in NAs, particularly craft beers such as CERIA, are Facebook groups and new mobile smartphone apps developed over the past year to help consumers consider non-alcohol refreshment and provide ‘better for you’ beverage solutions.”         

“YTD 2021 dollar sales of non-alcoholic beer are up 31.5%, according to market research firm IRI, and we anticipate that trend will continue through the summer, traditionally a strong time for craft beer consumption,” he continued. “This places NA beers in a prime position to compete against ready-to-drink teas, energy drinks and bottled water for hot weather refreshment.”

Terry Cekola, president of Elite Brands, Denver, added: “While alcoholic beer has long been America’s favorite adult beverage, it’s not always suitable for every occasion. Certainly not like bottled water, tea or coffee. But take out the alcohol while maintaining great beer taste, and you have the best of both worlds: a craft non-alcohol beer from CERIA’s legendary brewmaster that Elite Brands is proud to carry.”           

Brendan Dalton, general manager of Kramer Beverage, Hammonton, N.J., also added: “The NA category growth will continue as innovative, differentiated products enter the category. Keith’s track record of success excited us about CERIA. CERIA’s taste will drive its success.”