Q Mixers unveiled a packaging rebrand that will extend beyond its packaging to also be featured across its website, social media and other consumer touchpoints. Founded in 2006 by Jordan Silbert from his kitchen, Q Mixers’ mission is to make drinks spectacular, so the priority with this endeavor was to make the cocktail the hero and make sure the company’s key attributes — real ingredients, less sweet, perfectly carbonated — were front and center, the company says. Because Q Mixers didn’t want to lose the soul of the brand, branding and packaging agency partner CBA helped to elevate and modernize the design while maintaining the brand’s ambition and identity. The new packaging highlights a corresponding classic cocktail (Tonic – Gin & Tonic, Ginger Beer – Moscow Mule), the carbonation and hint of what the key ingredient is for each mixer. To help consumers recognize that Q Mixers is a mixer and not a water, the brand brought in Francesco Tonelli to photograph and capture the deliciousness, clarity and carbonation of the cocktails, it says.