Vinloq, part of Boston Wine Devices LLC, is a slow decanting and wine preservation system that enables business and consumers to experience the diverse tasting notes from one bottle of wine to the next. Created by Anesthesiologists Fernando Bazobeery and Brent Young, Vinloq is designed to offer wine freedom to the wine connosuer and to make it fun to open a bottle whenever and wherever, it says. A two-part system that slowly decants and preserves wine, Vinloq offers a tasting game where a customer can choose when a wines taste the best to him or her, Young said in a statement. The slow decanting system slows down the decanting process and gives businesses control of how much oxygen the wine is exposed to. The duo explains that while a lot of oxygen in a wine bottle blocks flavor, small, controlled amounts of oxygen exposure can make wine taste better. The device also offers a wine preservation system that preserves the wine’s flavors and aromas for as long as possible.

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