Water is life — here and around the world. In fact, 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water and this refreshing liquid is essential to many ecosystems. Since 2016, bottled water has been No. 1 in consumer preference and remains the largest beverage category by volume, reaching a major milestone when it surpassed carbonated soft drinks, states New York-based Beverage Marketing Corporation. Since 2000, New York-based VOSS water has been giving health-conscious consumers the premium water they have been thirsting for.

In fact, through hard work and perseverance, the company evolved its discerning water brand from distribution in high-end restaurants and hotels to everyday retailers including grocery, convenience store and mass as well as online.

“Founded by two Norwegian entrepreneurs, the independently-owned VOSS delivers its premium bottled waters in iconic cylindrical glass bottles to more than 50 countries globally. Utilizing water from the purest source, VOSS embodies conscious hydration on every level, from formulation through sourcing and packaging,” says Glenn Hartman, chief executive officer (CEO) of VOSS.

“For the first 10 years of its existence, VOSS was only available in high-end restaurants and hotels,” Hartman explains. “Building the brand in this manner, instead of leveraging traditional marketing methods like systematic retail distribution, large scale advertising campaigns or flashy PR, created a level of brand equity that has proved to be very powerful molding the brand into what it is today.”

VOSS quickly grew to become the preferred bottled water brand of thought leaders and trendsetters all over the world.

Recognizing global health-and-wellness trends during the past 20 years, VOSS has expanded its portfolio to include a range of still, sparkling, naturally flavored and enhanced water products available in a range of more portable options tailored for a variety of consumption occasions.

Beyond Hydration

Noticing a consumer trend of seeking products that fit a healthier lifestyle, VOSS decided to develop the new VOSS+ enhanced water line of innovations that seek to develop products with functionality “beyond hydration.” “The multi-billion dollar segment of enhanced water is outpacing the premium water segment in both sales and velocity growth and is a perfect opportunity for VOSS to innovate within,” explains Kyle Reinneck, director of marketing at VOSS.

The first product in the line, VOSS+ Aquamin (formerly VOSS Plus) is infused with Aquamin — a blend of 74 minerals and electrolytes sourced from the coastal seas of Iceland. Aquamin is a registered trademark of Marigot Ltd.

VOSS+ Aquamin was created for the physically active, on-the-go consumers to take them farther and early numbers indicate that VOSS+ Aquamin is a winner with consumers. After only 3 months post launch, it became the No. 1 VOSS SKU in its largest retail outlet and the No. 4 VOSS SKU nationally.

In spring 2021, VOSS will expand on its enhanced water line success by introducing VOSS+ Vitamin D and VOSS+ Collagen. Driven by the insight that over 40 percent of adults in the U.S. are vitamin D deficient, each bottle of VOSS+ Vitamin D provides consumers with 50 percent of the average adult’s recommended daily intake of vitamin D. With a slight citrus essence and zero calories, VOSS+ Vitamin D seeks to help consumers feel their best. Each bottle of VOSS+ Collagen will be infused with 10 grams of collagen protein. With a slight berry essence and no added sugars, this enhanced water tastes  incredibly refreshing and smooth.

The new VOSS+ bottles are produced using 100 percent recycled plastic which follows the company’s ethos while also supporting the active, on-the-go lifestyles of consumers.

“The new VOSS+ product line supports our ‘Live Every Drop’ positioning, which aims to inspire consumers to live life to the fullest by providing meaningful benefits beyond hydration,” Reinneck adds.

Giving Back

With VOSS+ Aquamin originally scheduled to launch in March 2020, COVID-19 quickly reset priorities. Knowing that there was a greater good that needed to happen during this time of crisis, VOSS quickly shifted focus to helping hydrate frontline healthcare workers. Working with multiple hospitals and organizations, VOSS donated and delivered more than 700,000 bottles of water.

“As a company built on principles of environmental and social responsibility, it is our mission to ensure that VOSS is there to help provide the necessity of clean, pure drinking water during times of crisis to those who need it most,” Hartman notes.

In addition to COVID relief donations and sustainable packaging initiatives, VOSS rounded out 2020 with the VOSS Drops of Kindness campaign in partnership with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson which encouraged consumers to show everyday acts of kindness. Building on their own corporate example, VOSS believes that even a small act of kindness has a lasting ripple effect and that it is its responsibility as a well-known brand to use their platform for good whenever possible.

VOSS enters 2021 driven to provide consumers with products based on a foundation of quality and purity to help them “Live Every Drop” with an eye on both being as sustainable as possible and mindful of giving back to the communities in which they are in.