When a customer needed to upgrade its existing bottling processing line to merge two lanes of craft beers or wine bottles into a single lane, Dorner’s Engineered Solutions Group (ESG) designed a custom solution with the ability to inject automation and ingenuity into the conveyor systems of small-scale breweries and wineries, it says. The system also automates labeling and print/apply methods, and builds accumulation tables, which offer beverage brands the most practical return for the volume. Beyond Dorner’s regular conveyor platforms, ESG is a full-service team that collaboratively works to evaluate each company’s application, while designing a custom conveyor system that meets efficiency goals and objectives. Among the services the ESC offers is concept, design and needs analysis, along with layout and 2-D or 3-D modeling. Its services include mechanical design, phased engineering, controls (HMI, PLC and servo panel builds), factory and site acceptance testing, as well as replacement and spare-parts recommendations for bench stock. Because conveyor systems are highly automated, integral components of a processing or packaging line, properly orientating and positioning the product on the conveyor is key. Orientation is done by controlling the flow and speed of product upstream and downstream of the conveyor system; using accessories such as photo eyes and servo drives for very precise product movement; or using devices such as diverters, pushers, lane guiding and gates. The company’s engineered solutions are ideal for such applications as merging, diverting, rotating and sorting products; increasing efficiency; reducing product loss and downtime, and maximizing throughput. Regardless of product, Dorner can help manufacturers design, build and install the right system for their operation.

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