Hiperbaric USA announced its latest development, the Hiperbaric 525 Bulk, which fosters the production of large quantities of juice processing, the company says. The system enables a leaner approach to HPP processing while broadening the variety of final packaging, giving companies more versatility in light of the premiumization trend that is influencing the European fruit juice market, it adds. The in-bulk machine also provides the many benefits of HPP, including expanded shelf life, food safety and cold pressed, fresh-like juices with no added chemicals or preservatives, while leveraging diverse packaging capabilities such as carton, bag-in-box and PET, it says. The HPP equipment is designed based on a patent-pending concept in which beverages are processed in bulk before bottling. The machine delivers as many as 4,000 loads an hour, offering a low processing cost and minimum energy consumption, according to the company. In addition, the natural, environmentally friendly cold pasteurization technique enables food to undergo a high level of hydrostatic pressure (6,000 bar or 87,000 psi), which helps maintain fresh food characteristics such as flavor and nutrients, while providing food safety and extended shelf life.

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