Multi-Conveyor LLC recently designed, built and installed a new stainless-steel, washdown table-top conveyor line that will pick up empty bottles after rinsing and then convey them to either the existing bottler or to a canning machine. The machine then brings everything back together before the hand pack area. In addition, the bottles are able to side transfer from the rinser and then side transfer again onto the existing filler, the company says. Because the discharge end rests on the existing filler deck, the company engineered the frames with minimal depth. A new canning section calls for empty cans to be single filed and side transferred to feed into a rinser, then onto the existing filler. Full cans then discharge and 90-degree transfer onto “the mobile bridge,” a portable transport conveyor section that reintroduces the cans to the main flow upstream of the labeler onto the pack-off station. The mobile bridge is rolled into and out of position only when canning production is in full force.

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