At the Automate 2019 tradeshow, TM Robotics Inc. plans to unveil its THE600 SCARA robot to the North American market for the first time. The new robot boasts twice the speed and 60 percent higher payload capacity than competing SCARA models in the same price range, the company says. Demonstrations will include models from the SCARA and six-axis range, as well as the robotic programming tool, TSAssist. Building upon the established specification of the THE400, which launched last year, the THE600 promises to boost manufacturers’ productivity without an extortionate investment and is an ideal investment for those new to automation, it adds. The THE600 model was developed to meet the growing demand for fast-cycle automation while delivering improved precision and enhanced performance at an affordable price point, according to the company. The company also will highlight its TVM range of six-axis robot models, which come in three sizes and lend themselves to a variety of industries. The company also will showcase its latest robot control software, TSAssist. The user-friendly robot programming software is compatible with any Toshiba Machine SCARA, Cartesian or six-axis robot and enables companies to easily and effectively control the robot.

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