Omron Automation Americas highlighted its new artificial intelligence (AI) controller solution that assists the data-driven decision process for predictive maintenance. The Sysmac AI controller is able to identify abnormal machine behavior without being explicitly programmed to do so and also extends equipment life with machine learning, the company says. The solution also collects, analyzes and utilizes data on edge devices within a controller to prolong equipment longevity. In addition, the AI controller can help manufacturers reduce the risk of bad parts or equipment damage by detecting issues early on and prompting immediate action to resolve them. Customers can take advantage of the company’s advanced technology and its team of data scientists to facilitate predictive maintenance, the company says. Known as “machine learning,” AI functionality saves a significant amount of time, resources and end-user cost savings, it adds. Rather than being a cloud solution, Omron’s approach to AI-based control involves hardware, offline software and in-person service. No Internet connectivity or IT infrastructure/service is required, the company says.

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