Announcing its new seasonal product, Darigold Inc. introduced Heat N’ Serve Hot Cocoa. Made with whole milk, cream, real cocoa and liquid sugar, the product offers a creamy hot cocoa that can be heated on the stove top, in the microwave or with a milk steamer, the company says. Packaged in quart and half-gallon resealable  cartons, Darigold’s new hot cocoa is available at grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest, including Walmart stores across the region, Costco stores in Seattle, and Safeway and Albertsons stores in Seattle and Portland, Ore. A quart of the hot cocoa has a suggested retail price of $2.99. Heat N’ Serve Hot Cocoa will be available through March or as long as there is demand, the company says.

Darigold Inc., Seattle
Distribution: Select markets