After closing Elmhurst Dairy last year, Henry Schwartz has debuted Elmhurst Milked, a new brand of vegan nut milks available in select grocery stores and specialty markets as well as nationwide through a direct-order system, which delivers the products directly to the consumer’s home, the company says. Available in Milked Almond, Milked Cashew, Milked Hazelnut and Milked Walnut varieties, Elmhurst Milked products do not contain industrial stabilizers, whiteners, emulsifiers or gums, it adds. The Milked Almond and Milked Walnut varieties have a suggested retail price of $4.99, while Milked Hazelnut and Milked Cashew retail for $5.99.

Elmhurst Milked, Elma, N.Y.
Distribution: Select markets and online
Ingredients: Milked Walnut: Filtered water, walnuts, cane sugar, salt and natural flavors