Raise your glass, because National Drink Wine Day is Feb. 18.

While wine has enjoyed massive popularity throughout history, the battle between red and white wine is eternal. The NationalToday.com Drink Wine Day Survey aims to definitively put the red-vs.-white debate to rest. According to the study, which surveyed 1,000 people in January 2017, 20 percent of Americans prefer red wine over white wine (18 percent).

Overall, 80 percent of Americans enjoy a glass of wine, while the other 20 percent are not fans. Meanwhile, 12 percent of Americans say they have finished an entire bottle of wine by themselves. 

With 8 percent of Americans claiming wine is their alcohol beverage of choice, the type of preferred wine varies. As noted earlier, red wine (20 percent) is the reigning champion, with white wine (18 percent) coming in at a close second, sparkling wine in third (13 percent), and the sweeter rose and dessert wines tied for fourth at 11 percent, respectively. 

Fifteen percent of Americans love the age-old pairing of wine and cheese, while another 12 percent like to pair wine with their meal — cheese or no cheese.

Whatever your preference is, National Drink Wine Day is a day best spent with your favorite glass of wine in hand. For more information about the history of wine, unique ways to celebrate and the full survey statistics, visit http://nationaltoday.com/us/national-drink-wine-day/.