Expanding on its portfolio of craft spirits, Old Elk Distillery introduced Nooku Bourbon Cream in Colorado. Crafted using two premium ingredients, Nooku offers spicy vanilla and toffee aromas, caramel flavor and a hearty burst of bourbon finish, the company says. At 17 percent alcohol by volume, the product is made with Old Elk’s straight bourbon, a high-malted barley mash bill matured in new, white oak barrels. After being aged for two years, the bourbon is blended with real dairy cream from Creamy Creations in Batavia, N.Y. Nooku is available at retail stores, restaurants and bars in Colorado with a suggested retail price of $28.99 for a 750-ml bottle.

Old Elk Distillery, Fort Collins, Colo.
Internet: www.NookuBourbonCream.com
Distribution: Select markets