Amp Energy announced that it has partnered with Twitch, a social video platform and community for gamers, for a program to encourage Amp Energy fans and the Twitch community to “level up” their gaming experience, the company says. In addition to other marketing efforts related to the program, AMP Energy released limited-edition co-branded Amp Energy and Twitch cans, which marks the first time the Twitch logo has been used on a non-gaming retail product, it adds. The limited-edition cans are available in the Original and Cherry Amp Energy flavors through August. “Amp brings flavor to the energy category so that fans can enjoy the great taste of their energy drinks while they fuel up,” said Greg Lyons, senior vice president of marketing for Amp Energy, in a statement. “Similarly, Amp wants to provide gamers a heightened level of enjoyment by teaming up with Twitch to provide unique experiences and help energize gamers for the challenges they face both in and out of the virtual world.”