ProDr8_300W&W Beverages LLC introduced ProDr8, flavored coconut water sports hydration drinks. The beverages contain 294 mg of potassium, 5 mg of natural sugar in each glass and 25 mg of sodium, the company says. Made with 33 percent natural coconut water, it comes in three flavors: Synergy, a lemon-lime flavor;  Fusion, which is a blend of cherry and pineapple juices; and Crush, a mix of orange and tangerine juices. All of the beverages are gluten and caffeine free.

W&W Beverages LLC, Buffalo Grove, Ill.
Telephone: 847/215-8398
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Crush: Filtered water, coconut water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, sea salt, fruit and vegetable juice, and Rebiana.