Bill Foley and Mario Piccini have entered into a partnership to import, market and distribute Piccini's portfolio of wines in the United States. Foley Family Wines, Lompoc, Calif., will be the exclusive importer of Piccini Wines, Chianti, Italy, in the United States.

“Our partnership with Foley Family Wines shows our desire to significantly increase focus on the United States,” said Mario Piccini, managing director of Piccini Wines, in a statement. “We are very passionate about the wines we produce and are excited to build awareness among American consumers.”

Bill Foley, founder of Foley Family Wines, added: "Piccini is our first foray into Italian wines. I've always felt that Italian wines would be a great addition to our portfolio, but it was very important to find the right partner. Piccini wines are of excellent quality and the Piccini family is as innovative and as passionate about the wine business as we are.”

Founded by Angiolo Piccini in 1882 on 17 acres of land in the Chianti region, the Piccini family has been crafting wines for more than 130 years. Now with the fourth generation, the brother and sister team of Mario and Martina are creating a range of classic wines from five estates, and almost 1,000 acres, scattered throughout Italy, the company says.

The legacy wine of the family is Piccini Chianti, which boasts a distinctively orange label. Within a decade of the Orange Label introduction, Piccini became one of the top-noted Chianti producers worldwide, the company says.

“Orange is a color that transmits energy, youth and a positive can-do approach,” Mario Piccini said. “We've taken that orange and have applied it to everything else we do.”

In addition to the Chianti Orange Label, Memoro wines consist of grapes from all four corners of Italy. The Memoro wines are available in red, white and rosé varietals.

“We give as much importance to innovation as we do tradition,” Mario Piccini said. “Piccini will always be Chianti, but we dare to experiment and incorporate new techniques. We dare to pioneer.”