Root9’s same-named vitality beverage contains 500 mg of 100 percent Korean Red Ginseng in each can. The gluten-free, diabetic-safe and GMO-free beverage is a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks, the company says. Root9 derives its natural energy from Korean Red Ginseng, green tea extract and coenzyme Q10. With 42 natural minerals and 30 saponins from the Korean Red Ginseng, Root9 is designed to help regulate blood sugar levels, revitalize metabolism and promote memory. It also does not contain calories or sugar.


Root9, Sacramento Calif.
Telephone: 866/836-1909
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Red: Carbonated water, citric acid, Korean red ginseng, natural flavors, green tea, ascorbic acid, Co-Q10 and vitamin B complex.