Millions of baby boomers in the United States are determined to stay active as they get older and are looking for new products including beverages to help them doFonterra chart baby boomers so, according to consumer research by Fonterra Nutrition, carried out by TNS. Known as “healthy agers,” this group is made up of 57.2 million Americans who are ready to make changes to their diets and lifestyles in the interest of remaining healthy and active. By 2020, this group will account for 33 percent of the overall U.S. population, Fonterra reports.

The top five health concerns among these consumers are weight management, cardiovascular health, joint health, digestive health and energy, according to Fonterra’s study. Baby boomers who have experienced a change in their health within the last five years are seeking functional foods and beverages to help improve their health, it states.

  “The U.S. market has the highest proportion of active agers in the world, and they’re awaiting markets for products that will help them stay that way,” said Carrie Schroeder, key account manager of nutrition for Fonterra USA, in a statement.