Liquid nitrogen injection system

Vacuum Barrier Corp. added the new MiniDose to its Nitrodose liquid nitrogen injection line.  The MiniDose is designed for line speeds up to 200 containers a minute. The low-cost, easy-to-use system also offers precise dose delivery, speed compensation, a no container/no dose function, an electronic dosing valve, single-dose capability for lab testing, and a self-generating nitrogen purge, the company says. All of the MiniDose equipment has National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) quick connects and a NEMA stainless steel control panel.

• Vacuum Barrier Corp., 4 Barten Lane, Woburn, Mass. 01801; 781/933-3570;


Video seam monitor

Wilkens-Anderson offers its VSM II Video Seam Monitor, a high-resolution camera and monitor to inspect can double-seam cross sections. The camera includes a solid state light source that produces a bright image of the can seam for evaluation and measurements, a toggle switch that selects crosshairs on either the X or Y axis, and an adjustable illumination and built-in calibration procedure, the company says.

• Wilkens-Anderson Co., 4525 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 773/384-4433;


Safety relief valve

Spirax Sarco released its new SV418 multi-purpose, bronze safety relief valve for liquid, steam, air and gas services. The SV418 can be used where quick, accurate reseating and minimal blow-down is important and where high capacity is required. Applications include most areas where safety and relief valves are required, including pumping stations, water-works, compressors, accumulators, receivers, production lines, chillers/coolers, sprinkler systems, piping, tanks and many others. Engineered and designed for rugged industrial use, this valve is rated to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and National Board Certified standards for Section VIII service and can handle up to 750 pounds per square inch (psi) of liquid, air and gas and up to 300 psi of steam. The SV418 is available in sizes from one-half inch to 3 inches with optional British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT) piping, oxygen cleaning and cryogenic service options as add-ons.

• Spirax Sarco USA, 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, S.C. 29016; 800/575-0394;


Updating the fleet

Noregon Systems updated its JPro Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software through the release of JPro Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2013 v1.1. The new version offers enhanced coverage for the Volvo D13 Engine on Prevost vehicles as well as the Bendix TPMS SmartWave application for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Application Portal, the company says. It also includes proxy server support for the JPro Next Step Web-based application, silent installation capability, and automatic inclusion of JPro demo log files, it says. Customers with JPro 2013 v1 or 2013 v1.1 can combine JPro diagnostics with direct navigation to service information by purchasing a subscription to JPro Next Step, which automatically ties diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to repair information. Once a DTC is found, technicians can access service information associated with the specific DTC through Next Step. Current JPro license holders with an active support agreement can access the v1.1 update on the JPro website. Interested parties also can request a free 14-day trial of JPro and JPro Next Step online.

• Noregon Systems Inc., 7009 Albert Pick Road, Greensboro, N.C. 27409; 336/615-8555;


Mixing blades

Charles Ross & Son Co. introduced rectangular stirrers with upward rake fingers as a new agitator blade design for its line of Double Planetary Mixers. Designed to rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel on a common axis, these style blades are suitable for batching dry powder blends, wet granulations and similar formulations in the Double Planetary Mixer, the company says. Interchangeable helical blades also are available as options to allow the mixer to handle viscous pastes and putty-like materials, it adds. Both types of blades are controlled by the mixer’s control panel, which allows the operator to adjust the speed, power load and cycle time. These controls also raise and lower the blades for easy cleaning and fast transfer of the finished product, it adds.

• Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788; 800/243-7677;


Fast-drying ink

Videojet Technologies Inc. released a new ink for its 8510 and Wolke thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer lines. The Non-Porous Black ink (WLK660072) was designed for fast dry times without the use of a dryer on a wide range of non-porous materials, including coated or lacquered cartons, blister package materials and some plastics, the company says. In addition, the ink is light- and water-resistant and can withstand fading and smearing under routine conditions and after water contact, it says. It also extends the code assurance features of the Videojet 8510 and Wolke m600 touch printers to a wider range of applications, it adds.

• Videojet Technologies Inc., 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, Ill. 60191; 800/843-3610;


Close those cans

The Model 25D Double Seamer from Dixie
Canner Co. is a low-cost can packaging solution for the ready-to-drink beverage industry. The Model 25D seals can sizes up to
4.25 inches in diameter at rates of up to 900 cans an hour, the company says. Additional change parts can be added to the machine in as little as a few minutes to allow it to close different can sizes, it says.

• Dixie Canner Co., 786 E. Broad St., Athens, Ga. 30601; 706/549-1914;


Three-wheeled lift trucks

Nissan Forklift Corp. added its TX Series of three-wheeled, alternating current (AC)-powered lift trucks to its line of electric material handling equipment. Featuring 100-percent AC-powered dual-drive motors and the Nissan Forklift-exclusive AC-tech controller, TX lift trucks perform at high efficiency levels at low operating costs, the company says. The lift trucks are available in 3,000-, 3,500- and 4,000-pound capacities and include a newly designed vehicle control module. An LCD panel readout and keypad allows operators and technicians to identify and respond to truck parameters according to the needs of the application without a separate handset, it says. Each truck also can be programmed with up to five unique personal profiles and identification numbers to allow operators to access one of three standard performance modes or tailor a mode of their own. For added safety, TX Series lift trucks also come standard with seatbelt warning alarms, turning speed limits, traveling lift height limits, and seat-actuated power interrupt for lift- and tilt-lock. Optional enhancements for performance in cold-storage applications as well as an Optiview mast that provides a wider line of sight, a lower overhead guard, a strobe light, a higher steering wheel, electronic fingertip hydraulic controls, a spinner knob for increased steering control, multiple tire options, and various mast and tilt options also are available.

• Nissan Forklift Corp., 240 N. Prospect St., Marengo, Ill. 60152; 815/568-0061;


Electrostatic lubrication system

Spraying Systems Co. introduced its AccuJet Electrostatic Lube System, which is designed to enhance chain lubrication while reducing oil consumption and conveyor downtime, the company says. Ideal for any oil coating application or lubrication application requiring single-point-type nozzles, the system can accommodate up to four electrostatic nozzles, each with its own injector pump, and provide uniform lubrication of critical areas to increase chain life. It also eliminates oil mist, thus creating a safer work environment for operators while minimizing cleanup and reducing potential for product contamination, it says.

• Spraying Systems Co., P.O. Box 7900, Wheaton, Ill. 60187; 603/889-5000;


Suppliers resource, a free platform for supplier discovery and sourcing of material handling equipment; components; maintenance, repair and operations; products; raw materials; and custom manufacturing services, recently added content, tools and new technologies to help users source products, access computer-aided design (CAD) models, and discover new suppliers more quickly, the company says. The website’s new Product Search technology aggregates detailed information about more than 100 million parts, which users can filter through by defining precise attributes such as applications, materials, dimensions and tolerances. It also makes it easier to identify local suppliers, quality certified suppliers, and companies that meet buyers’ supplier diversity requirements, it says. Standard features of include the Supplier Directory; the CAD Library; the news section featuring industry, company and product news; the Deal of the Day; purchasing tools including event management and contract management tools; and an Industry Market Trends (IMT) Career Journal that offers insights into finding new, qualified employees.

•, 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10001; 212/695-0500;


Wine caps

Capabunga released a reusable wine cap under the same name to eliminate difficulties associated with replacing the cork in wine bottles for storage. Designed to resemble the bungs used to seal barrels during winemaking, these food-grade silicone caps are available in a variety of colors and can be imprinted with phrases, slogans, brand names and logos. Currently used by more than 100 wineries, CapaBunga is suitable for the winery and restaurant industries and enables a server to quickly seal and unseal a bottle of wine between glasses, the company says. The CapaBunga also helps to save space in the refrigerator by allowing the restaurant to store the wine bottle on its side without spilling or in racks that are usually too short to accommodate wine bottles with protruding corks, it says. CapaBunga two-packs retail for $6.95 and can be purchased at

• CapaBunga, 7696 Bell Road, Windsor, Calif. 95492; 707/837-8880;


Hit the road

Roadnet Technologies unveiled an array of product enhancements to its MobileCast vehicle GPS satellite tracking software, all designed to improve the functionality and efficiency of transportation logistics companies, including a new MobileCast Android smartphone application, it says. Roadnet Technologies’ MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software enables companies to see delivery, sales and merchandiser routes or activities in real-time and gives them the ability to make changes to routes based on events such as unplanned pickups, a need to change the order of stops, traffic, weather, or a specific customer need. Advantages include the automatic integration of data collected throughout the day to improve future route plans; managing by exception, which allows the user to view exact locations of the drivers and respond to unexplained stops or service time variances; and proactive customer service. Recent enhancements include a new module, MobileCast Manager, which targets sales and merchandiser managers so that they can monitor time spent with a customer or prospect as well as mileage traveled by sales or merchandiser personnel. Sales representatives and merchandisers also have the ability to edit mileage reported via GPS to remove personal mileage. The new Android mobile application provides Roadnet’s vehicle routing software customers with enhanced functionality and ease-of-use on a device that is more compact than typical rugged mobile computer handheld devices, the company says. The MobileCast smartphone solution can serve as a proof-of-delivery application that provides the information needed for a paperless delivery system. The routing software application allows fleet drivers to review their daily routes, complete trip-of-stop surveys, examine stop information, record arrival and departure times, add delivery receipt information, and mark stops as undeliverable on their smartphones.    

• Roadnet Technologies, 849 Fairmount Ave., Suite 500, Towson, Md. 21286; 410/847-1900;


New forklift features

Crown Equipment Corp. added three new features to its Crown SC 5200 Series of sit-down counterbalanced forklifts, which were introduced in 2011 as short, 3,000-pound-capacity forklifts with narrow-aisle maneuverability. The new 48-volt alternating current (AC) systems option allows operators to increase productivity. Additionally, optional fingertip and joystick hydraulic control options optimize operator comfort and performance while minimizing operator arm movement and stress, and an optional two-stage lift mast delivers enhanced flexibility in multiple applications, the company says.

• Crown Equipment Corp., 44 S. Washington St., New Bremen, Ohio 45869; 419/629-2311;


Wine marketing

Slyce Commerce developed a same-named visual-based purchasing system to help wine brands sell more products in more places, the company says. The app allows wine consumers to use a smartphone to photograph a product, whether in a magazine, on a billboard, or on the table in front of them, and instantly access reviews, pricing and exclusive discounts. Users are then able to immediately purchase that product within the app, with the option of having it delivered or being directed to the nearest available outlet for collection. The app, which currently is in beta testing across North America, is partnering with wine brands to test the initial operating software. Interested parties can visit to sign up as a brand in the Slyce platform. Featured brands are given their own branded pages that house their warehouse of products. Users are directed to these pages when they search for a product within the given brand family, giving the user access to videos, reviews, purchase locations, offers, and other information that the brand wishes to promote.

 • Slyce Commerce, 5970 Centre Street SE, Suite 200, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; 403/781-6671;