Packaging sleeves

Douglas Machine Inc. customized its Apex Sleever machine to improve the package integrity for multi-packs of bottles and cups of nutritional drinks and yogurts. To better pack two-, four- or six-packs of the bottles, the Apex Sleever positions and locks bottle tops into notches in the sleeve and folds gussets into the bottom corners of the sleeve to contain the base of the bottles.  Apex Sleever’s high-speed capabilities and its ability to tightly contain multi-packs of cups and bottles offer a new packaging solution for producers, the company says.

• Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;


Condensate pump

Spirax Sarco Inc. introduced the Pivotrol PTF4, a high-capacity pressure-powered condensate pump that covers a wider motive pressure range than previous models, the company says. The pump operates on steam, air or other pressurized gas and can complete a pressure range of up to 200 psig. By incorporating dual Pivotrol pumping mechanisms with PowerPivot, the pump is designed to reduce excessive maintenance and energy consumption common with high-capacity condensate pumps, the company says.  Patented vent assist valves release pressure in the pump body during the exhaust stroke, allowing for faster filling and overall cycling, leading to higher capacity, it says. The PTF4 also has integral electronic cycle counters to monitor performance. This pump is backed by a 3 million cycles or three-year warranty as well as a Pivotrol condensate pump lifetime spring warranty.

• Spirax Sarco USA, 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, S.C. 29016; 800/575-0394;


Barcoding software

Tharo Systems Inc. released its EasyLabel 5 Platinum software with GS1 Barcode Wizard. The software condenses GS1 Barcode-making into a four-step process using both a GS1 Datamatrix and GS1 Databar to create symbols composed of multiple application identifiers that conform to GS1 global standards. EasyLabel 5 Platinum also has a set of ActiveX controls that can be embedded to use the internal functions of the software to print labels, view job status, preview the label prior to printing and perform many other features without ever opening the actual program. It also provides a collection of tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, such as additional password and user options, logging options and format options.

• Tharo Systems Inc., 2866 Nationwide Parkway, Brunswick, Ohio 44212; 330/273-4408;


No-charge sample of water filters

Argonide Corp. is offering a “no charge” sample program that allows customers to try its NanoCeram filter. This electropositive, non-woven, pleated water purification filter has an average 2-micron pore size, which allows it to filter sub-micron particles at high flow rates, the company says. The product can be useful for residential, commercial and industrial water purification and can even be used as a pre-filter for other systems, such as reverse osmosis membranes, ultraviolet chambers and ion exchange beds, it says. NanoCeram filters also can be used in a polishing mode to increase final feedwater quality by reducing contaminants such as colloidal solids, organics, virus, endotoxins and trace pharmaceuticals. Through the no-charge program, Argonide will provide filters at no charge for select installations.

• Argonide Corp., 291 Power Court, Sanford, Fla. 32771; 407/322-2500;


Killing germs

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc. introduced its Degerm-inator, a portable, ultraviolet (UV) sanitizer that can deactivate and kill microbes in seconds. The Degerm-inator uses a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended short-wave UV method for sanitizing when the user shines the light on any non-porous surface for 6 to 8 seconds. It also can be used to sanitize a glass of drinking water and can help protect against E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptooccus, listeria, the H1N1 flu virus and more, the company says. Made of a shock-proof and impact-resistant polymer, the hand-held device also has a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental UV exposure. The lamps are less than 9 inches long, fit conveniently in drawers, brief cases, purses or glove compartments, and run on four AA batteries or AC power. The Degerm-inator is available in two models: UV-5D UV, which features a short-wave UV tube, or UV-5ND, which features a long-wave/short wave multi-band UV tube suitable for sanitary inspection and quality control applications. UV-5D UV retails for $90, and UV-5ND retails for $107.

• Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc., 316 N.E. First St., Pompano Beach, Fla. 33060; 954/946-9454;


Solar-powered cooling

Frigoglass and Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. S.A. launched a new eco-friendly refrigeration solution. The solar Ice Cold Merchandiser is a combination of Frigoglass’ Activator 700 refrigeration unit, a cover and a single solar panel. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that draws its energy from the sunlight collected by the solar panel on top of the unit. According to Frigoglass, the refrigeration unit reduces the consumption of grid electricity to a minimum — the unit will use grid electricity only if it does not have sufficient solar energy resources. In addition, the Activator 700 component is eco-friendly and uses natural HFC-free refrigerants and insulation substances, minimizing environmental impact. The Ice Cold Merchandiser is a cost-effective solution for cold beverage sales and consumption and can be especially beneficial in areas where electrical supply sources are limited, the company says. The product made its debut at the 2012 UEFA Euro Cup in the Ukraine.

• Frigoglass, 15, A. Metaxa str. GR-145 64, Kifissia, Athens, Greece; +30 210 616 5700;


Automated packaging system

Thiele Technologies introduced its Slidell PowderPacker Pro, a completely automated packaging system that offers virtually dust-free bagging for difficult-to-handle powders such as dry soy food ingredients, calcium carbonate, polyethylene glycol, IPA and TMA products, molecular sieve zeolite, stellar (modified corn starch), plastic powder, flour, titanium dioxide, resins and pigments. Equipped to handle pinch-bottom, open-mouth and recyclable plastic bags, the PowderPacker Pro uses a vertical auger system to maintain constant bag top control, such as bag pick-up, sealing and controlling for dust. Its bottom-up auger filling also minimizes dust and compresses the product as the bag is filled. The machine also features a user-friendly touch screen and Allen-Bradley controls to make operation simple, reducing learning time and operator error.

• Thiele Technologies, 315 27th Ave. N.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 55418; 612/782-1200;


Carbon dioxide sensor

Mettler-Toledo LLC launched its InPro 5500i, a carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement tool for brewing and carbonated soft drinks applications. The sensor’s Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) functionality — which includes advanced diagnostics tools, a plug-and-measure feature and a pre-calibration routine — simplifies sensor handling, increases reliability and allows for fast, trouble-free start-up and operation, leading to increased operational uptime, the company says. InPro 5500i’s immunity to background gases such as oxygen and nitrogen allows for more accurate CO2 measurement, Mettler-Toledo says. Plus, its hygienic and simple membrane design reduces maintenance efforts, and the absence of moving parts can result in a reduced failure rate and high operational uptime, it says. The sensor also is equipped with a Membrane Integrity Detection function and a Dynamic Lifetime Indicator and Adaptive Calibration Timer to alert the user when the sensors or membranes need servicing, preventing damage to product quality. The InPro 5500i also protects itself from damage during sterilization-in-place and clean-in-place cycles or when the purge gas or sensor membrane fails, protecting the lifetime of the sensors.

• Mettler-Toledo LLC, 36 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, Mass. 01730; 800/352-8763;


Indexing plungers

J.W. Winco Inc. now offers series GN 817.4 Steel or Stainless Steel Indexing Plungers with T-Handle, with and without Rest Position, in metric sizes. The new shape is advantageous when greater unlocking forces occur and allows better visual orientation of the indexing position, the company says. These RoHS-compliant plungers are useful in situations where the plunger must not protrude continually, the company says. In such cases, the knob can be retracted, rotated 90 degrees and then held in this position by a notch in the unit. The body and plunger pin of the steel version have a black oxide finish; the stainless steel version has a body and plunger pin made of European Standard No. 1.4305 stainless steel (American Standard Series 303), and the plunger pin is chemically nickel-plated. The non-removable T-handle is made of technopolymer plastic (Polyamid PA), and the lock nut is made of steel or stainless steel, ISO 8675 (DIN 439), depending on the version.

• J.W. Winco Inc., 2815 S. Calhoun Road, New Berlin, Wis. 53151; 800/877-8351;


Filter dryer

SKF USA Inc.’s Separator Filter Dryer (SFD) system delivers continuous, dry, contaminant-free compressed air for use in the food and beverage industry, among other applications, the company says. The three-in-one SFD system has a dual-cartridge design, which channels air flow through one desiccant cartridge while regeneration happens in the other. Engineered to dry compressed air directly from a compressor’s reservoir tank, the SFD system removes water, contaminants and oil vapors from the compressed air without the need for most external filters, resulting in improved pneumatic equipment performance, reduced need for maintenance, increased uptime and higher productivity, the company says. Standard SFD units operate between 100 and 180 psi and can accommodate flow rates ranging from 20 to 800 cubic feet per minute (CFM).  The system can work in high- or low-ambient temperatures and performs without the use of a refrigerant, a condensate drain line or a heat exchanger to clean and maintain. The SFD system is available in three models: Micro Logic Timer (MLT), Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and Pneumatically Controlled (PC), and can be mounted on a wall or installed on a compressor’s top plate for plugging into standard 120 volts alternating current (VAC).

• SKF USA Inc., 890 Forty Foot Road, Lansdale, Pa. 19446; 800/440-4753;


High-density storage system

Akro-Mills, a storage, organization and transport products company, introduced its new line of storage bins: Tiltview. These bins are expandable, high-density storage systems with a sleek, clean look, providing users with a space-saving system, the company says. Available in six different sizes, the Tiltview bins are made of clear polystyrene and contained by a cabinet made of high-impact polystyrene. The bins tilt out smoothly, stay closed for dust-free storage and can be removed for cleaning. Tiltview bins are suitable for desktops, attached to steel rails, frames or louvered panels, or even mounted on a wall, the company says.  Tiltview bins also can be divided into three or four bins by using dividers, allowing for greater organization, and multiple sets of bins can be combined into a customizable system of bins using steel rail and frame systems to hang or stack the bins.

• Akro-Mills, 1293 S. Main St., Akron, Ohio 44301; 800/253-2467;


Nightlight and power outlet combination

Cooper Wiring Devices introduced its Patrol Combination Nightlight GFCI receptacle, a power outlet for both residential and commercial applications. According to Cooper Wiring, the product is equipped with a lockout feature that denies power if the unit is

improperly wired or tripped. For the nightlight function, its light sensor automatically turns the nightlight on or off depending on light levels. It also uses an LED color temperature, which offers users a warm, incandescent-like glow while providing safe GFCI protection, the company says. The Patrol Combination Nightlight GFCI receptacle also has tamper-resistant shutters for code compliance to the 2011 NEC Article 406.12.

• Cooper Wiring Devices, 203 Cooper Circle, Peachtree City, Ga. 30269; 770/631-2100;


Steerable wheel sorter

Dematic North America added a steerable wheel sorter to its Modular Conveyor System product line. The sorter is engineered to accommodate cases, cartons, totes or trays weighing up to 110 pounds and can sort between 40 and 80 cartons a minute. When the sorter is in transport mode, its four rows of wheels turn in the forward direction, moving the products straight forward on the conveyor. When a load requires diverting, the control logic simultaneously rotates and increases the speed of all the steerable wheels of the sorter to change the direction of the item and divert it from the conveyor at 30 degrees. Once the load is diverted, the wheels rotate back to the forward direction.  The steerable wheel sorter mounts inside the universal side frame of the Modular Conveyor System at whatever point along the conveyor path that a sorter is needed.

• Dematic North America, 3507 Plymouth Ave. N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49505; 877/725-7500;


Wireless intercom

Ritron Inc. released its DoorCom wireless intercom, an industrial-grade intercom used for facilitating easy communication from a loading dock or receiving door and enhancing security. The system includes an all-metal external speaker box for outside mounting and an R-series receiver for indoor mounting, where it can be safe from weather and vandals, the company says. DoorCom is easily installed at any entry point, including employee entrances, visitor entrances or lobbies, will-call/pick-up points, loading docks, factory floors and more, the company says. The radio transceiver, which provides signal coverage to radio-equipped personnel, has a range of approximately 350,000 square feet, allowing employees to receive a call from practically anywhere in the building and instantly answer using a portable two-way radio or desktop base station.  In this way, entry doors can remain locked and personnel can work productively until an intercom call is received, it says.  DoorCom is compatible with any other business band two-way radio operating on the same frequency.

• Ritron Inc., 505 W. Carmel Drive, Carmel, Ind. 46032; 317/846-1201;


Video seam monitor

Wilkens-Anderson offers its VSM II Video Seam Monitor, a high-resolution camera and monitor to inspect can double-seam cross sections. The camera includes a solid state light source that produces a bright image of the can seam for evaluation and measurements, a toggle switch that selects crosshairs on either the X or Y axis, and adjustable illumination and built-in calibration procedure, the company says.

• Wilkens-Anderson Co., 4525 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 773/384-4433;


Preventing beer spoilage

Pall Corp. introduced a new form of testing to detect microorganisms that cause beer spoilage. The GeneDisc test uses real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction technology to analyze a beer sample and can generate results one hour after enrichment and DNA isolation. The test is affordable, quick, easy to use and virtually eliminates operator error, according to the company.

Using the GeneDisc test plates provided in the kit, the system simultaneously screens for 20 critical beer-spoilage bacteria, including the relevant species of Lactobacillus, Megasphaera, Pediococcus and Pectinatus sp. beer-spoilage groups. The system also features a touch-screen interface, built-in software and a barcode reader, which allow for easy sample testing and quick decision-making, the company says. This ability to check quality and freshness during every step of the production process helps optimize workflow and conduct multiple tests simultaneously, it adds.

• Pall Corp., 25 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington,

N.Y. 11050; 516/484-5400;