Evolution Fresh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee Co., opened a new retail store in downtown Seattle just four months after opening its first flagship location in Bellevue, Wash. Additional stores in Seattle and San Francisco will open this fall.

The downtown Seattle Evolution Fresh store, located at 517 Pine Street, will feature juice experts crafting fresh juice blends and serving globally inspired recipes using fresh ingredients. The Evolution Fresh store also offers a selection of organic, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as grab-and-go packaged sandwiches, collard wraps, snacks and bottled Evolution Fresh juices.

"We have received a very positive response from the first Evolution Fresh retail store opening just a few months ago, and we are excited to open our second store in the Seattle area," said Arthur Rubinfeld, president of global development and Evolution Fresh retail, in a statement. "Evolution Fresh provides convenient accessibility for our customers to enjoy flavorful, cold-pressed juices and natural foods, and we are pleased to bring these offerings to downtown Seattle."

Customers also now can find Evolution Fresh ready-to-drink juices in select premium grocery and natural food stores across the West Coast as well as at Evolution Fresh stores and select Starbucks retail locations.

The continued expanded availability of Evolution Fresh bottled juices brings customers the vibrancy and convenience of real, pure ingredients while they are on the go, the company says. These ready-to-drink juices capture the flavor, vitamins and nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables, delivered by Evolution Fresh’s innovative use of high-pressure processing.

Evolution Fresh juice drinks are available in Orange, Essential Vegetable and Vital Greens, Pineapple Coconut Water, and Spicy Lemonade.

“Evolution Fresh juice is now available to more consumers than ever before, and we are pleased to see the strong momentum and consumer interest in what Evolution Fresh delivers,” said Jeff Hansberry, president of channel development for Starbucks Coffee Co., in a statement. “Customers are looking for convenient, high-quality, and nutritious beverages and foods, and we see an opportunity to harness the intense consumer interest in Evolution Fresh products coming to market, both in Starbucks retail stores and down the grocery aisle.”