Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, is adding summer seasonal beverages, including Tequila Avion and Blue Moon beer, to its onboard offerings.

The airline celebrated Cinco de Mayo on May 4 and 5 by offering complimentary Margaritas made with Tequila Avion to customers on most transcontinental flights between New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles as well as San Francisco. Later this month, Delta will begin offering Margaritas made with Tequila Avion on flights in North America, the Caribbean and Central America throughout the summer months.

"We are working hard to provide the most enjoyable in-flight experience during the busy summer travel months," said Joanne Smith, Delta's senior vice president of in-flight service, in a statement. "With the addition of high-quality products like Tequila Avion, our wide-ranging menus will offer something to please our customers."

"Avion, which means airplane in Spanish, French and other languages, appeals to the jet-set community as it not only fits their cocktail preferences, but also their lifestyle," Tequila Avion President Jenna Fagnan said in a statement. "Similarly to Delta, we are a brand that represents first-class image, without comprising quality."

Additionally, Delta will offer Mojitos on all flights between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean for the summer season. Delta also recently announced a series of onboard service enhancements in the Latin American and Caribbean market, including Chilean Chardonnay and Syrah wines selected by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson to be featured in economy class as well as regional desserts and soft drinks.

Additionally, Blue Moon beer served with a traditional orange slice will be available on flights within North America, the Caribbean and Central America.