L.A. Aloe LLC harvests and processes the aloe vera in its new Aloe Gloe all-natural aloe water to retain the bioactive components that support the promotion of skin, immunity and digestion, the company says. The lineup is available in Crisp Aloe, Crisp Aloe with Pulp, Lemonade, White Grape and Coconut varieties, each of which has 35 calories. The Coconut variety contains 15 percent coconut water. A 15.2-ounce bottle retails for approximately $2.49.

L.A. Aloe LLC, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Telephone: 626/380-6592
Internet: www.aloegloe.com
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Crisp Aloe: Water, organic aloe vera, organic stevia, organic cane sugar, organic malic acid and natural flavors.