Wild Flavors presents its newest innovation: Vegeceuticals. Created with proprietary extraction technology, Vegeceuticals deliver the healthy halo of vegetables to a wide range of beverages and food, the company says. Available in a red and an orange blend, Vegeceuticals deliver key phytonutrients of vegetables, are clean-tasting and available in liquid and dry forms. Wild’s orange Vegeceuticals extract blend provides beta-carotene from carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, paprika and Reishi mushrooms. Red Vegeceuticals are an extract blend providing anthocyanins from purple sweet potato, purple maize, purple carrot, beet, rhubarb, tomato and cabbage. The blends can be included in a range of applications, such as enhanced waters, teas, carbonated drinks, juices, dry beverage mixes, smoothies and functional drinks, according to the company.

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