Martin Bauer Inc. introduced its “Be Fit – Extracts for Body Brain” in the United States. The concept, which was unveiled at Health Ingredients 2010 in Europe, incorporates natural tea and herbal extracts for formulation in three health categories: energy, vitality, and mental and physical strength. Its energy concept includes an energy shot formulated with green maté, guarana and cola nuts for energy without additional caffeine or artificial energy boosters, the company says. Under the body vitality platform, ingredients include baobab, acerola, damiana and rhodiola as well as fiber, vitamin C, natural caffeine, polyphenols and other active ingredients. For mental strength, Martin Bauer offers formulations with ginkgo, ginseng and green tea extracts for mental performance and cognitive abilities. The formulation was featured at Health Ingredients 2010 in a green tea “brain drink” that was rich in theogallin.

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