Consumers can “Play It Smooth” with the new Keystone Light packaging that transforms into a game of “Canhole.” Keystone Light provides additional value to the consumer as 18-, 24- and 30-pack “stones” easily transform into a game of “bags” via perforated circles that can be removed for play, the companies say. The can dividers also feature Canhole tournament brackets and tips and tricks from Keith Stone.

Canhole is part of a cross merchandising partnership Keystone Light has with Jack Links, whose 3-ounce bags of beef jerky can be a tossing tool for the game.

Special codes on Keystone Light 24-ounce single serve cans will drive consumers to an online Canhole game to compete against Keith Stone and Jack Links character Sasquatch. The online Canhole game will be housed on the website allowing consumers to interact with Keystone Light and Keith Stone by playing a virtual game of Canhole. Consumers will be able to play multiple opponents. Traffic will be driven to the site via on pack codes and social networks.