Case/Tray Packer
Douglas Machine released its High-Speed Continuous Motion Axiom BCL case/tray packer. The Axiom BCL uses electronic motion controls and can adapt to many product types at speeds up to 80 cases or trays per minute, the company says. It runs wraparound case blanks and features a walk-in frame design for easy access for changeovers and preventative maintenance. The machine also can accommodate a wide range of sizes and its intuitive HMI simplifies the addition of future product sizes.
— Douglas Machine Inc., 3404 Iowa St., Alexandria, Minn. 56308; 320/763-6587;
Aseptic bulk package
International Dispensing Corp. announced a new way to control large-format product safety, the Multiserve SafePak. The package can range in size from 3 to 20 liters, and protects beverages and liquid foods from microorganisms and oxygen. The flexible package allows aseptic products to retain freshness and taste over an extended period with or without refrigeration. At the product’s core is The Answer, a dispensing technology that ensures maximum product quality and taste and prevents spoilage, the company says. Multiserve SafePak users can dispense low- and high-acid liquids without compromising the sterility of the remaining contents.
— International Disp
ensing Corp., 10 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 604, New York, N.Y. 10020; 212/957-9330;
Pressure washer
Nilfisk-ALTO Cleaning Systems Inc. presented its newest hot water skid unit stationary pressure washer from KEW. The Neptune USG Series is a pressure washer collection with a wide range of engines, pumps, pressure and flow rates. The series is applicable in industrial applications with a modular technology that can reduce costs, the company says.
— Nilfisk ALTO, 2100 Highway 265 South, Springdale, Ark. 72764; 800/253-0367;
Packaging barrier
Ciba Specialty Chemicals offers ShelfPlus UV filters to protect packaged contents from ultraviolet light damage. ShelfPlus can block up to 90 percent of UV light, has a clear color to not interfere with bottle appearance, and is appropriate for a wide range of PET food packaging. The company also offers ShelfPlus Oxygen absorbers. The product is an active scavenger that reduces or eliminates oxygen in a product. The company also offers clarifiers for various packaging materials.
— Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp., 540 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591; 914/785-2000;
PET innovations
Sidel featured its ultra-lightweight NoBottle PET package for water at the K trade show in Germany. The bottle combines record-breaking weight, only 9.9 grams for the 500-ml. size, with a design that spotlights the product while minimizing environmental impact, the company says. The NoBottle is 25 to 40 percent lighter than traditional PET bottles and uses Sidel’s new Flex technology. The technology uses shape memory and offers excellent lightweighting possibilities, freedom in shape design and industrial-scale production. At the show, Sidel featured NoBottle production on its new SBO 24xs High-speed blowmolding machine. The model is designed to produce small containers for still liquids and CSDs at speeds up to 46,000 bottles per hour. Also available is the SBO 2XL Compact machine that produces PET bottles up to 10 liters at rates up to 2,400 bottles per hour.
— Sidel Inc., 5600 Sun Court, Norcross, Ga. 30092; 678/221-3000;
Medium-duty trucks
Kenworth announced its medium-duty conventional models will enter production in the fourth quarter. The Kenworth T270 and T370 are available with PACCAR PX-6 or PACCAR PX-8 engines. Customers can choose manual or automatic transmissions and air or hydraulic brakes. Both models offer multiple exhaust options for various wheel bases. In addition, the models feature new halogen projector low beam headlamps and ergonomically designed cab. Standard features include power door locks, passenger-side electric windows, and Kenworth DayLite doors with peeper window. The medium-duty line also includes the K260 Class 6 and K360 Class 7 cabover models.
— Kenworth Truck Co., 10630 NE 8th Place, Kirkland, Wash. 98033; 425/828-5000;
Software update
Intervolve Inc. announced new reporting enhancements to its Route Accounting System (RAS) warehouse and delivery software for beverage wholesalers. The enhanced system now provides nearly 170 reports, which is double its previous capacity. New to the system is the Executive Dashboard, which shows a single multi-graph view of key month-to-date performance indicators. Also new is the Inventory Transaction Summary report that leverages the real-time inventory transaction capabilities RAS by grouping and summarizing transaction data.
— Intervolve Inc., 319 W. Martin St., Raleigh, N.C. 27601; 919/828-5727;
Printer ribbon
Sato America Inc. released the new high-speed thermal transfer ribbon, JetWax. The ribbon can produce scannable barcodes, sharp images, and legible text at real-time print speeds of up to 16 inches per second. Combined with Sato’s newest OEM print engine family, the S84 series, JetWax ribbons make printing at high speeds a production reality. The ribbon is compatible with a wide variety of substrates, including gloss, matte and uncoated paper as well as a variety of poly materials. The formulation provides good scratch, smear, heat and water-resistance across a wide range of thermal printing applications. It is well-suited for high-speed automated print/apply, date and lot coding, retail compliance labeling and shipping labels, among other applications.
— Sato America Inc., 10350A Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28273; 704/644-1650;
Labeling system
Quadrel introduced its Versaline LC system for high-performance labeling. The Versaline LC labels front, back, wrap, three-panel and custom applications at speeds up to 300 products per minute. The system features stainless steel construction, microprocessor control labeling heads, no change parts, product alignment and multiple options, including vision systems, barcode scanners, ejection feature and more. The machine is suitable for multi-shift operations in which long-term reliability is required, the company says. In addition, the company offers the Moduline system for pressure-sensitive labeling for front and back, side panel or full wrap applications. Moduline is suited for packaging lines operating at 140 products per minute or less.
— Quadrel Labeling Systems, 7670 Jenther Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060; 440/602-4700;
Flexible flow system
Creative Storage Systems introduced the Dura-Stand Alone Module (SAM), a mobile carton flow system. The Dura-SAM model is on wheels to offer a flexible flow system that can fit into assembly lines, parts picking work stations and anywhere movable full case or split case picking is needed, the company says.  It offers a picking option for mixed package widths stored within the same shelf to maximize space and efficiency. The slots and pick zones are adjustable to accommodate multiple sizes. And the entire system can be moved to wherever it is needed.
Creative Storage Systems Inc., 2700 Barrett Lakes Blvd. #500, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144; 770/514-0711;
Shrink wrapper
Standard-Knapp released its advanced continuous motion 596S Continuum Shrink Wrapper. The model was designed to handle PET, glass and metal containers. The 596S was engineered with Single Roll Lap Seal Technology and is a low-maintenance alternative to shrink wrappers with traditional mechanical seal bars, the company says. It uses servo motion to adjust speeds according to product flow and maintains a continuous motion with speeds of up to 80 trays per minute. In addition, the model has a PLC control system with operator interfaces for both its tray and shrink functions as well as a smaller interface at the shrink cut to assist in set-up. Infeed for the shrink wrapper can also be integrated with a 296 Continuum Tray Packer discharge.
— Standard-Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering St., Portland, Conn. 06480; 860/342-1100;
High-flow filter housing
Argonide expanded its lineup of NanoCeram HyFlo filter housings. The lineup now includes five sizes that can attain peak flow rates of 1,300 gallons per minute. Each stainless steel housing is 150 psi-rated and uses clamp or swingbolt closures. High-flow applications are now made easier using multi-round Big Blue filter housings. The HyFlo housing provides flowrates and ultra-high efficiency and large capacity of the NanoCeram Filters while avoiding the multiple housings.
— Argonide Corp., 291 Power Court, Sanford, Fla. 32771; 407/322-2500;
UV filtration system
Aquionics’ new AF3 amalgam UV disinfections system offers a high microbial kill rate with low power consumption and low-hydraulic pressure drop, the company says. The model is designed to be flexible and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The AF3’s unique configuration produces and axial flow through an L-shaped, elongated treatment chamber that can treat flow rates of up to 265 gallons per hour. Its UV lights produce up to three times the UV output of standard mercury low-pressure lamps, and have a life of up to 16,000 hours. The system uses fewer UV lamps and less electrical power to generate a given UV output than low-pressure UV technology. It is also optimized for disinfection doses required for drinking water.
 Aquionics Inc., 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 859/341-0710;
Chemical cap sanitizer
Fogg Filler introduced its new Chemical Cap Sanitizer. The machine consists of a conveyor that carries caps through a wash cycle, which are then treated to a combination of chemical exposure and mechanical action. The process is monitored by photo-eyes to ensure every cap is properly dosed. It is designed to remove loose debris and cardboard dust. The Chemical Cap Sanitizer can process at rates up to 1,000 caps per minute, the company says.
Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich. 49424; 616/786-3644;
TLV Corp. introduced the SF1 Stainless Steel Separator-Filter model, which is designed to improve heating efficiency and product quality by removing condensate and particulates such as dirt and scale. The SF1 is well suited for applications requiring dust/dirt-free, high-quality, dry steam or inert gas. Its built-in cyclone separator has a one-piece design to reduce installation and space requirements. In addition the model is cleanable, durable and easy to maintain, the company says.
— TLV Corp., 13901 South Lakes Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28273; 704/597-9070;
Overload detection system
Wildeck Inc. launched its new line of mechanical Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) with patent-pending AutoSenz Overload Detection System. The system offers added safety and efficiency for systems that move material and inventory to elevated levels in distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parts rooms and other storage and logistics operations. It features an easy-to-read graphical display interface that continuously monitors and protects VRCs from jams or material overload conditions. The AutoSenz system automatically determines the overload setpoint each time the VRC motor starts.
— Wildeck Inc., 405 Commerce St., Waukesha, Wis. 53186; 262/549-4000;
Truck body protection
Rail Protection Plus provides solutions for eliminating damage to beverage truck body door rails. A custom engineered clear polycarbonate plastic strip locks around the rail to absorb impacts from forklifts and other product loading devices. Rail Protection Plus patented the application of beverage truck body rail protection and offers strips for every design of beverage truck body.
Rail Protection Plus, P.O. Box 22575; Louisville, Ky. 40252; 800/725-5132;
Nylon tubing
NewAge Industries announced the availability of Nylotube. The nylon tubing is stocked in both semi-rigid and flexible grades, in six colors and inch and metric sizes to offer the best match for various applications. Nylotube offers low moisture absorption, resistance to flex fatigue and is lightweight. The tube is available in nylon-12 formulation as well as nylon-11 on a limited basis.
NewAge Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa. 18966; 800/506-3924;
Business management software
CSB-System International Inc. offers a variety of software options for business management. Its Management Software Suite is specially designed for contract management and allows maintenance of business process unrelated contracts, such as leases, communication contracts, loans and maintenance agreements. The suite integrates into accounting processes to automatically generate payables and receivables. The company also released a new version of its Business Process Management Software, which allows customers to document business processes, such as external auditors and interactive workflows. Also available is the latest version of Document Management Software, which provides storage and retrieval of any paper documents online.
— CSB-System International Inc., 2535 Camino del Rio South #350, San Diego, Calif. 92108; 800/852-9977;
Shot chiller
Smoking Shots offers its Smoking Shot Machine that charges the bottom of a shot glass to create an eye-catching drink option, the company says. The machine charges the glass and converts CO2 into dry ice, which creates a chilled, smoking beverage option. Each machine charges more than 150 shots per 20-pound CO2 tank and prepares shots in close to six seconds. It will be featured at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Atlantic City, N.J., next month.
— Smoking Shots, 2100 Haber-sham Marina Road, Suite D-101, Cumming, Ga. 30041; 770/656-0000;
Wine sealing system
The Wine Saver PRO is a solution for saving bottles of wine. The system uses inert Argon gas in a self-contained five-bottle system that is durable for commercial use. The Wine Saver PRO features a stainless steel design with a small countertop footprint. The design accommodates any 750-ml. bottle, and maintains the seal under pressure with Argon gas from the time the bottle is opened until the last drop is poured. It can keep wine fresh for 30 days.
— Wine Saver PRO, 435 W. Linden St., Allentown, Pa. 18102; 610/435-5240;
Malt beverage closure
Alcoa Closure Systems International expanded its mini brand closure portfolio with two new product offerings for producers of carbonated and malt beverages. The new 28-mm. Xtra-Lok mini and 28-mm. MB-Lok mini closures are short height closures capable of handling multi-serve PET package sizes up to 2.5 liters. The Xtra-Lok mini closure can be specified for use on either 1873 or 1881 short height bottle finishes, depending upon customer requirements. The closure was designed for cold-filled malt beverages packaged in PET bottles. Alcoa CSI developed proprietary technology, along with its XT liner, that enables the new closures to withstand the most stringent packaging conditions, the company says.
— Alcoa Closure Systems International, 6625 Network Way, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Ind. 46278; 317/390-5000;
Packaging solutions
Tetra Pak is focused on providing food and beverage manufacturers with customized, comprehensive processing and packaging solutions, including processing and filling equipment, plant automation and a large variety of packaging systems and secondary packaging solutions. The company says the approach allows Tetra Pak to, as its slogan says, “protect what’s good.”
— Tetra Pak Inc., 101 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, Ill. 60061; 847/955-6000;
Clear-on-clear label
MACtac offers the OptiClear ICE label, a 2.0-mm. clear BOPP film for beverage applications seeking the no-label look. The OptiClear ICE is designed with MACtac MP238 adhesive to provide clarity and smooth application on glass and plastic. The adhesive is a permanent acrylic adhesive with wet-out, wet-stick and open time for repositioning, the company says. The clear-on-clear films, such as the OptiClear ICE, are available on a 1-mm. polyester liner for high-speed beverage and auto-application. In addition, the labels can withstand the pasteurization process.
— MACtac U.S., 4560 Darrow Road, Stow, Ohio 44224; 330/688-1111;
Case sealer
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. introduced the Model 436 top case sealer. The model is 10 feet long and built on a stainless steel frame that seals interchangeably with tape and hot-melt adhesive. It can change from one sealing method to another easily by unlatching the sealing module using quick-turn clamps, removing the existing module and replacing it with the alternative sealing module. Hand crank handles make changeovers easy, the company says. The sealer can work at speeds up to 50 cases per minute with a pacer belt designed to accept cases spaced or back to back.
— A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/237-5975;
Metal detector upgrade
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. offers an upgrade for its metal detector family. Under the Apex solutions product line, the upgrade extends the operational life and improves ease of use, reliability and performance of Thermo Scientific DSP2, DSP3 and Metal Eliminator, the company says. The Thermo Scientific APEX product line detects all types of metals in beverages as well as food products before they are shipped.
— Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 81 Wyman St., Waltham, Mass. 02454; 800/227-8891;
Aerodynamic accessory
TruckAid LLC, Norcross, Ga., offers the Airglide Aero Aid, an aerodynamic fuel-saving device for trucks. Owners of Dry-Freight, Hi-Cube and refrigerated van trucks can install the Airglide to save on fuel costs, the company says. Airglide can help refrigerated truck operators keep their units cleaner and cooler. The pressurized airflow produced by the Airglide also assists today’s hotter running EGR-equipped diesels to dissipate heat efficiently and reduce road spray behind the cab. The white colored, inexpensive piece of equipment can be used on cutaways, medium-duty and full-size box trucks.
— TruckAid LLC, P.O. Box 923882; Norcross, Ga. 30010; 866/844-8292;