Packaging Solutions
Tetra Pak is focused on providing food and beverage manufacturers with customized, comprehensive processing and packaging solutions, including processing and filling equipment, plant automation and a large variety of packaging systems and secondary packaging solutions. The company says the approach allows Tetra Pak to, as its slogan says, “protect what’s good.”
— Tetra Pak Inc., 101 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, Ill. 60061; 847/955-6000;
Malt beverage closure
Alcoa Closure Systems International expanded its mini brand closure portfolio with two new product offerings for producers of carbonated and malt beverages. The new 28-mm. Xtra-Lok mini and 28-mm. MB-Lok mini closures are short height closures capable of handling multi-serve PET package sizes up to 2.5 liters. The Xtra-Lok mini closure can be specified for use on either 1873 or 1881 short height bottle finishes, depending upon customer requirements. The closure was designed for cold-filled malt beverages packaged in PET bottles. Alcoa CSI developed proprietary technology, along with its XT liner, that enables the new closures to withstand the most stringent packaging conditions, the company says.
— Alcoa Closure Systems International, 6625 Network Way, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Ind. 46278; 317/390-5000;
Clear-on-clear label
MACtac offers the OptiClear ICE label, a 2.0-mm. clear BOPP film for beverage applications seeking the no-label look. The OptiClear ICE is designed with MACtac MP238 adhesive to provide clarity and smooth application on glass and plastic. The adhesive is a permanent acrylic adhesive with wet-out, wet-stick and open time for repositioning, the company says. The clear-on-clear films, such as the OptiClear ICE, are available on a 1-mm. polyester liner for high-speed beverage and auto-application. In addition, the labels can withstand the pasteurization process.
— MACtac U.S., 4560 Darrow Road, Stow, Ohio 44224; 330/688-1111;
Analysis products
Wilkens-Anderson Co. released a new line of DPD Powder Pack Reagents for chlorine water analysis. The line of powder reagents includes pre-measured doses specifically formulated for use in Hach colorimeters, spectrophotometers and tests kits. The line is USEPA approved and is available in several package sizes. Also available is a new Seam Thickness Gauge for beverage cans. The new gauge features a special design that aligns the position of the digital indicator with the chuck wall angle and offers an accurate seam thickness measurement. The gauge also features exceptional repeatability, a gauge resolution of 0.0005-inches and easy positioning of cans, the company says. Measurement readings also can be transferred automatically to the WACO Accuseam system.
— Wilkens-Anderson Co., 4525 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 773/384-4433;
Case sealer
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. introduced the Model 436 top case sealer. The model is 10 feet long and built on a stainless steel frame that seals interchangeably with tape and hot-melt adhesive. It can change from one sealing method to another easily by unlatching the sealing module using quick-turn clamps, removing the existing module and replacing it with the alternative sealing module. Hand crank handles make changeovers easy, the company says. The sealer can work at speeds up to 50 cases per minute with a pacer belt designed to accept cases spaced or back to back.
— A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689; 800/237-5975;
UV filter
Ciba Specialty Chemicals introduced OnVu, a time-temperature indicator. OnVu allows producers, retailers and consumers to tell if a product, such as a dairy drink, has been stored properly. Also available are ShelfPlus UV filters to protect packaged contents from ultraviolet light damage. The product can block up to 90 percent of UV light, has a clear color to not interfere with bottle appearance and is appropriate for a wide range of PET food packaging. The company also offers ShelfPlus Oxygen absorbers. The product is an active scavenger that reduces or eliminates oxygen in a product. The company also offers clarifiers for various packaging materials.
— Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp., 540 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591; 914/785-2000;
Infeed control
Standard-Knapp introduced its Zero-Gap II Infeed complete product conveyor assembly. Designed to eliminate line jams during the packaging process, Zero-Gap II Infeed employs electronic sensors to monitor and control product movement, maintain a constant low line pressure and maximize machine uptime, the company says. The machine can be installed between the upstream product conveyor and the original infeed of the machine, the Zero-Gap II Infeed distributes product from a nested pattern into multiple lanes.
— Standard-Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering St., Portland, Conn. 06480; 860/342-1100;
Heat resistant mold
Sidel Group developed an alternative to traditional stainless steel molds. Its new mold is made of lightweight aluminum, which offers higher machine output, the company says. The F300 aluminum mold offers an innovation for heat resistant blowmolding and can withstand temperatures as high as 180° Celsius. The high heat resistance enables the machine to produce PET bottles suitable for hot-filling or pasteurization. The F300 mold is suitable for all types of blowmolding machines and for manufacturing bottles of all shapes and sizes. The mold was developed through a partnership with Graham Packaging.
— Sidel Inc., 5600 Sun Court, Norcross, Ga. 30092; 678/221-3000;
Small package storage
Hackney offers the MultiPak Rack for handling multiple small packages in delivery vehicles. The MultiPak Rack is an insert that can subdivide a bay into many smaller mini-bays to make organizing and delivering multiple SKUs simple, the company says. The rack fits into a delivery vehicle to offer an efficient method of storage for small packaging sizes and low-volume SKUs.
— Hackney, 400 Hackney Ave., Washington, N.C. 27889; 800/763-0700;
Recycling and compaction system
Maxim developed its MAXIMizer 400 Series recycling and compaction system to support increased demand for effective liquid extraction, compaction, recycling and destruction of material, including dated, damaged or recalled products. Applications include milk and dairy products, soft drinks, beer, wine, juice and juice drinks, bottled water, sports and energy drinks. The MAXIMizer 400 Series is an automatic and enclosed processor in a small footprint. It is powered by an energy efficient drive that incorporates a specially designed screw-type auger system, in which material is squeezed and twisted past a cutter plate before entering a compaction chamber that reduces the volume of material. It is capable of removing liquid from containers, such as HDPE and PET bottles, Tetra Pak aseptic containers and aluminum cans.
— Maxim Manufacturing Inc., 620 South St., Holbrook, Mass. 02343; 781/961-7530;
Software advancement
Intervolve Inc. added reporting and system administration enhancements to its DistributionSuite sales and distribution solution for beverage wholesalers. The new capabilities expand on DistributionSuite to further simplify visibility into performance at retail and administrative functions. The solution is a set of retail execution applications that integrate transactional data from wholesalers’ current route accounting system with non-transactional data collected on mobile devices. It provides real-time data to help distributors plan, execute, measure and adjust to market conditions. The new release offers a secure download site for all mobile software installation packages to simplify system activities.
— Intervolve Inc., 319 W. Martin St., Raleigh, N.C. 27601; 919/828-5727;
Calibration chamber
OxySense launched the OxySense Calibration Chamber to enhance the discrimination and linearity within specific ranges of oxygen concentration. The calibration chamber is an accessory to the OxySense equipment line and provides a method for calibrating oxygen measurement at narrower levels. With the chamber, the range of calibration can be narrowed from the standard 0 to 21 percent range to a more precise range. This can help users achieve more precise discrimination and linearity of their readings. It is designed to work with OxySense’s 400B and 210T laboratory oxygen measurement machines. The company also announced it has selected G3 Enterprises, Modesto, Calif., to introduce its line of non-invasive oxygen measurement systems to wine and beverage industry producers. G3 offers OxySense 210T and OxySense 4000B in addition to wine processing related accessories.
— OxySense Inc., 13111 N. Central Expressway, Suite 440, Dallas, Texas 75243; 214/575-7600;
Enhanced printer paper
LexJet created the LexJet Clear with PreLume HD paper to create the brightest possible trade-show graphics. The paper combines LexJet Clear reverse-print polycarbonate with PreLume, a patented optical reflection technology that ensures brighter and cleaner white areas, the company says. It offers high-definition, bright white graphics on a textured, scratch-resistant, glare-reducing surface. LexJet Clear with PreLume HD is available is standard roll widths, from 18 inches to 50 inches, and 60 feet and 100 feet roll lengths, and is compatible with aqueous inkjet printer platforms, including HP and Epson.
— LexJet, 1680 Fruitville Road, Third Floor, Sarasota, Fla. 34236; 800/453-9538;
Mobile carton flow system
Creative Storage Systems introduced Dura-SAM, a mobile carton flow system providing superior flexibility, efficiency and durability. The stand-alone module features heavy-duty 16-gauge roll-formed steel in c-design for maximum strength and weight capacity on case picking lines. Multiple sizes are available from 3 to 6 feet wide, 6 feet high and 4 to 6 feet deep. The Dura-SAM system incorporates the company’s Dura-Flo carton flow systems full bed of wheels, which provide greater flow surface to accommodate mixed package widths to maximize space and efficiency.
— Creative Storage Systems Inc., 2700 Barett Lakes Blvd. #500, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144; 770/514-0711;
Aerodynamic accessory
TruckAid LLC, Norcross, Ga., offers the Airglide Aero Aid, an aerodynamic fuel-saving device for trucks. Owners of Dry-Freight, Hi-Cube and refrigerated van trucks can install the Airglide to save on fuel costs, the company says. Airglide can help refrigerated truck operators keep their units cleaner and cooler. The pressurized airflow produced by the Airglide also assists today’s hotter running EGR-equipped diesels to dissipate heat efficiently and reduce road spray behind the cab. The white, inexpensive piece of equipment can be used on cutaways, medium-duty and full-size box trucks.
— TruckAid LLC, P.O. Box 923882; Norcross, Ga. 30010; 866/844-8292;
Wine filtration system
Koch Membrane Systems Inc. introduced the KMS Winefilter WF-6 Crossflow Microfiltration System for small to medium-sized wineries. The Winefilter WF-6 is a complete system designed to provide a single filtration step from fermentation to bottle. The systems are available in two models, the WF-6A automatic system and the WF-6M manual system. Both are equipped with KMS Winefilter cartridges that use the newly developed hollow fiber crossflow microfiltration membrane from KMS. The specially designed fiber provides high processing capacity and allows the microfiltered wine to retain color and flavor better than conventional filtration methods, the company says. The models offer filtration rates of 6 to 20 gallons-per-minute, depending on the type of wine. The WF-6 series includes a feed pump, recirculation pump, filtrate magmeter, cleaning tank and required safeties, all mounted on a mobile, caster supported, stainless steel frame with PLC and NEMA-4 control panel.
— Koch Membrane Systems Inc., 850 Main St., Wilmington, Mass. 01887; 978/694-7000;
Bottle capping clutch
Rimtec Corp. introduced its new RCC permanent magnet hysteresis clutch, which provides smooth torque transmission with servo-quality overload protection for high production bottle capping applications. Rimtec’s Hysteresis Style Bottle Capping Clutch disengages smoothly to apply consistent torque on bottle caps, the company says. The clutch is made of stainless steel, is fully sealed for washdown and offers tooless torque adjustment.
— Rimtec Corp., 211 S. Lombard Road, Addison, Ill. 60101; 630/628-0036;
Laser coding system
ID Technology made available its Series KIP-1000 CO2 Laser Coding Systems with IP65 rating for harsh environments. The system is built with an airtight casing to protect the laser and touchscreen controller from dust, water and other properties found in a harsh environment. Laser coders offer superior imprint quality, low maintenance and minimal operating costs, the company says. Series KIP-1000 is available in 10-, 30- and 60-watt models featuring compact design, adjustable marking head and ability to mark on variety of surfaces, including labels, cardboard, PET and glass. With MACSA’s exclusive software, multiple laser systems can be linked for increased production and control.
— ID Technology, 2051 Franklin Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas 76106; 888/438-3242;
Hot-melt adhesive hose
ITW Dynatec introduced its new hot-melt adhesive hose, the Gemini Automatic, for use on most standard industrial adhesive supply units. Gemini Hoses incorporate dual heater and dual temperature sensors along with an automatic switch to select first and second circuits.
— ITW Dynatec, 31 Volunteer Drive, Henderson-ville, Tenn. 37075; 800/860-6150;
Water treatment valve
Kinetico Inc. announced a new advancement for water treatment, the Hydrus top-mount, multiport water treatment valve. The Hydrus valve can be used for softening, filtration, special ion exchange and deionization systems installed in single or multitank configurations. It is lightweight and easy to install, with 2-inch quick-connect ports. The system is available with a Basic Smart Start controller for easy control of multiple tanks, and an upgrade to Elite Smart Start with Bluetooth technology for remote monitoring and access will soon be offered.
— Kinetico Inc., 10845 Kinsman Road, Newbury, Ohio 44065; 800/633-5530;
Door protector
Stjern Corp. introduced the Defendadoor series overhead door protector to shield industrial overhead doors from damage caused by forklifts, pallet jacks or pallets. The Defendadoor absorbs and displaces the energy from impact by directing the forces downward, to steel side U-channels. The system installs easily using existing hardware and saves money by avoiding repair costs, the company says.
— Stjern Corp., 125 North Park St., Deer Park, Wash. 99006; 800/399-9139;
Rolling storage innovations
Creative Storage Systems offers rolling storage innovations. Ready for forklifts, the UniversAll Slip Sheet accessory is a patent-pending piece of equipment that easily installs on standard forks for versatile warehouse performance, the company says. The accessory has a tip and roller configuration designed to slide under slip sheets, wooden pallets and plastic pallets. The company also offers Dura-Flo Carton Flow Systems equipped with FreeWheeler technology to provide flexible, durable and easy-to-install storage options. Dura-Flo is available pre-assembled to drop into most existing pallet racks. The system can provide 90 percent space utilization and accommodate multiple packaging sizes.
— Creative Storage Systems Inc., 2700 Barrett Lakes Blvd., Suite 500, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144; 770/514-0711;
Recycling scrap material
United Plastics Recycling Inc. purchases a wide variety of post-industrial scrap for grinding. The company’s clean reground materials can be used in compounding, extrusion, injection molding and other applications, which reduces its raw material costs. It purchases post-industrial parts, purge, runners, sprues, bales, trim waste and regrind. In addition, the company recently added capacity as well as trucking services.
— United Plastics Recycling Inc., 4290 Alatex Road, Montgomery, Ala. 36108; 334/288-5002;
Metal detector upgrade
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. offers an upgrade for its metal detector family. Under the Apex solutions product line, the upgrade extends the operational life and improves ease of use, reliability and performance of Thermo Scientific DSP2, DSP3 and Metal Eliminator, the company says. The Thermo Scientific APEX product line detects all types of metals in beverages as well as food products before they are shipped.
— Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 81 Wyman St., Waltham, Mass. 02454; 800/227-8891;
Gun driver
Nordson Corp. introduced a high-performance electric gun driver, called the LogiComm, for all Nordson electric guns. The company says installation is simple; the user selects the gun type from the menu and the corresponding settings load automatically. Also included are advanced diagnostics and LED indicators to simplify set-up and troubleshooting. The LogiComm driver has four trigger inputs to interface to a pattern control, PLC or other device. In addition, it has four or eight-gun outputs with IPX4 water protection and is independently programmable.
— Nordson Corp., 28601 Clemens Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145; 800/683-2314;
Liquid nitrogen injector
Vacuum Barrier Corp. added the Linerter II to its Nitrodose line of liquid nitrogen injection equipment. The system is designed to provide discreet dosing of liquid nitrogen to slower capacity lines. The Linerter II features vacuum insulation for the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption, PLC control panel with touch pad controls for simpler operation, slim profile to fit into confined spaces and simplified installation.
— Vacuum Barrier, Barten Lane, Woburn, Mass. 01801; 781/933-3570;
Labeling system
Quadrel introduced its Versaline LC system for high-performance labeling. The Versaline LC labels front, back, wrap, three-panel and custom applications at speeds up to 300 products per minute. The system features stainless steel construction, microprocessor control labeling heads, no change parts, product alignment and multiple options, including vision systems, barcode scanners, ejection feature and more. The machine is suitable for multi-shift operations in which long-term reliability is required, the company says. In addition, the company offers the Moduline system for pressure-sensitive labeling for front and back, side panel or full wrap applications. Moduline is suited for packaging lines operating at 140 products per minute or less.
— Quadrel Labeling Systems, 7670 Jenther Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060; 440/602-4700;