Surf’s up
Power Trip Beverages Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with Ron Jon Surf Shop, permitting the energy drink manufacturer to bottle, market and distribute Ron Jon-branded purified premium water in a unique and proprietary package. Ron Jon Surf Shop Water is bottled in a 20-ounce PET package with a sports cap designed for the active lifestyle. Ron Jon Water is available at convenience stores, grocery stores and Ron Jon Surf Shops.
Ron Jon Surf Shop Water
Power Trip Beverages Inc., Miami
Telephone: 305/777-0757
Distribution: National

Vodka from grapes
Boisset America introduced Idol Vodka, an ultra-premium vodka distilled from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the Burgundy region of France. Distilled seven times and filtered five times, Idol Vodka contains 100 percent natural ingredients and is formulated to have a smooth flavor. The vodka is packaged in a tower-shaped bottle with an etching of Pinot Noir grapes, and retails for $40.
Idol Vodka
Boisset America, Sausalito, Calif.
Telephone: 800/878-1123
Distribution: National

Organic juices
Johanna Foods Inc. developed Tree Ripe Organic Juices. The USDA Organic juices are available in Apple, Grape and Orange varieties. The line follows the same value proposition pricing as the original Tree Ripe line, and retails for $2.99 for a 1.5-liter carton.
Tree Ripe Organic Juices
Johanna Foods Inc., Flemington, N.J.
Telephone: 800/727-6700
Distribution: Northeast

High-octane fuel
Weidman Beverage launched Heavy Duty Motorsports Energy Drink, a drink targeted at Moto X riders who like to live on the edge. Heavy Duty Motorsports Energy Drink is a citrus-flavored Guarana-based energy drink. The blue-tinted beverage is packaged in a 16.9-ounce blue racing bottle. The product is available at Motocross events for $2.99 and retails at convenience stores between $1.49 and $1.99 per bottle.
Heavy Duty Motorsports Energy Drink
Weidman Beverage Corp., Park City, Utah
Telephone: 435/615-8002 Internet: Distribution: National Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, citric acid, sugar, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate, caffeine, inositol, Blue #1, potassium sorbate, niacin (B3), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), d-calcium pantothenate (B5), taurine, guarana seed extract and cyanocobalamin (B12).
Recovery juice
CherryPharm, from a company of the same name, is an all-natural and not-from-concentrate cherry juice. CherryPharm was developed to retain the beneficial compounds found in cherries such as phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. The product is said to accelerate natural recovery, prevent muscle damage, maintain muscle strength and reduce pain. To achieve best results, the company recommends users drink two servings of CherryPharm — equaling two 8-ounce bottles — each day. A bottle retails for $2.
CherryPharm Inc., Geneva, N.Y.
Telephone: 212/439-4310
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Tart cherries, water and apple juice concentrate.

Coffee chocolate cocktail
Pernod Ricard USA added Kahlúa Chocolate Latte in party-size ready-to-drink (1.75 liter) and “drinks-to-go” single-serve (200 ml.) formats. Chocolate Latte is a sweet and creamy coffee cocktail with hints of chocolate. Ready-to-drink Kahlúa Chocolate Latte retails for $13.99 and single-serve is $5.49 for a four-pack.
Kahlúa Chocolate Latte
Pernod Ricard USA, White Plains, N.Y.
Telephone: 914/539-4500
Distribution: National

Oriental sensations
Cott Corp. released a line of premium ready-to-drink teas called Orient Emporium Tea Co. The line, sold in more than 1,500 Wal-Mart Supercenters, includes 10 flavors: Green Tea with Citrus, Diet Green Tea with Citrus, Green Tea Berry Medley, White Tea with Berry Medley, White Tea with Clementine Orange, Raspberry Iced Tea, Jasmine Sumana Tea, Oolong Jahini Tea, Rooibos Terema Tea and Yudomo Black Tea from Darjeeling Region of India. The 20-ounce PET bottles are packaged in six- and 12-packs.
Orient Emporium Tea Co.
Cott Corp., Toronto
Telephone: 416/203-3898
Distribution: Select markets

Coffee choices
The Coca-Cola Co. unveiled its Far Coast brand of premium brewed beverages in Toronto. The line is a variety of freshly brewed espressos, chai teas, cappuccinos and lattes. Far Coast offers a range of coffees, teas and other exotic brews and infusions that are inspired by different cultural “adventures” in music, art and legends from around the world. Coca-Cola developed a pod-based brewing technology, which provides retailers with an easy system to offer barista-quality brewed beverages. To help build awareness and trial, the company opened a Far Coast Concept Store in Toronto last month. In addition, Coca-Cola introduced Chaqwa, a brand designed for the convenience channel. The Chaqwa name comes from a combination of “cha,” the Mandarin name for tea, and “qawah,” the name for coffee in many Arabic languages. The brand is for convenience stores and quick service restaurants to serve authentic cappuccinos and chai teas to patrons looking to upgrade from plain coffee.
Far East and Chaqwa
Coca-Cola North America, Atlanta
Telephone: 404/676-2121
Distribution: Toronto

Vendable milk
Bravo! Foods released 8-ounce vendable “snowman-shaped” bottles containing 99 percent fat-free milk that meets the American Beverage Association’s guidelines for schools. Available in 3 Musketeers Slammers Chocolate Milk, Cocoa Puffs Slammers, Trix Slammers and Pro Slammers Vanilla Rush, Hard Chocolate and Scorchin’ Strawberry, the drinks are distributed by Coca-Cola Enterprises, and can fill vending machine slots traditionally occupied by 12-ounce cans.
Trix and Cocoa Puffs Slammers
Bravo! Foods International Corp., North Palm Beach, Fla.
Telephone: 877/625-1411
Distribution: National

East inspired liqueur
Pernod Ricard USA launched Soho Lychee Liqueur, a liqueur with aromas of sweet ripened lychee and a tropical taste. Soho’s bottle is embossed with a lychee medallion, and the Soho label is written vertically to evoke the neon signs of Asia’s nightlife districts. Soho is available in 750-ml. bottles for $18.99.
Soho Lychee Liqueur
Pernod Ricard USA, White Plains, N.Y.
Telephone: 914/539-4500
Distribution: National

Berry good
Beam Global Spirits & Wine added DeKuyper Pucker Berry Fusion Schnapps to the line of liqueurs. Delivering an explosion of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, and finishing with a sweet and sour sensation, Berry Fusion will be sold in 50-ml., 750-ml. and 1-liter bottles.
DeKuyper Pucker Berry Fusion Schnapps
Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Deerfield, Ill.
Telephone: 847/948-8888
Distribution: National

Natural energy
Brand X LLC debuted Kaboom Energy Drinks, all-natural energy juices that provide a natural energy lift with no preservatives or carbonation. Available in Orange Buzzzz, featuring orange juice, green tea and guarana, and Tropicool, offering mango, guava, oranges, green tea and guarana, Kaboom is targeted to working professionals and “people who care about their bodies.”
Kaboom Energy Drink
Brand X LLC, Tucson, Ariz.
Telephone: 520/529-4199
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Orange Buzzzz: Water, organic orange juice, organic evaporated cane juice, citric acid, natural flavors, guarana extract, green tea extract, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, annatto and turmeric extracts (for color), vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and folic acid.
Aluminum junior
Schmitt Sohne created Relax Juniors wines, including Relax Riesling or Relax Cool Red in an unbreakable 375-ml. aluminum bottle with a resealable cap. Retailing for about $4.99 per bottle, the aluminum packaging preserves the taste of wine just as well or better than a glass bottle, the company says.
Relax Juniors
Schmitt Sohne Inc., Millersville, Md.
Telephone: 410/729-4083
Distribution: Select markets

Concentrated freshness
Old Orchard Brands introduced frozen fruit juice concentrates called 100 percent Pure Pomegranate, 100 percent Pure Tart Cherry and 100 percent blends of Pomegranate/ Blueberry and Pomegranate/Cherry juices. All four flavors are packaged in a plastic container for $5.99. The products feature 100 percent fruit juice, with no added sugars, preservatives or artificial colors. The 12-ounce can reconstitutes to 48 ounces of 100 percent juice.
100 percent Pure Pomegranate
Old Orchard Brands LLC, Sparta, Mich.
Telephone: 616/887-1745
Distribution: National

Energy water
Voss Artesian Water from Norway created G Pure Energy, a clear and lightly carbonated energy drink. G Pure Energy combines natural sources of caffeine, taurine, amino acids and green tea extract (EGCG) with a crisp taste. The drinks aim is to help drinkers stay strong into the night or boost their energy throughout the day. Lending itself to be mixed with cocktails, the sleek 200-ml. glass bottle is available at select clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants for $2.99.
G Pure Energy
Voss Artesian Water, New York
Telephone: 877/947-8739
Distribution: National

Collectors’ edition
Jones Soda Co. commemorated its 10th anniversary with a limited-edition 10th Anniversary Collector Pack featuring Hot Wheels. Available through its Web site, the pack includes four sodas, each decorated with a specially designed metallic label and photos from early Jones Soda label runs. The flavors include Blue Bubblegum and Green Apple, along with retired flavors, Raspberry and Pineapple Upside Down Soda. To finish off the package, Jones partnered with Mattel’s Hot Wheels to design a one-to-64 ratio model replica of the original black and silver-flamed Jones vans that cruised the streets back in 1996. The pack retails for $29.95.
10th Anniversary Collector Pack
Jones Soda Co., Seattle
Telephone: 206/624-3357
Distribution: Online

Green tea malt beverage
United States Beverage added Tea Breeze to its Seagram’s Escapes family. Tea Breeze is a green tea-flavored malt beverage that is blended with peach and mango. The product offers a light flavor with a crisp, airy aftertaste.
Tea Breeze
United States Beverage LLC
Stamford, Conn.
Telephone: 203/961-8215
Distribution: National

At a glance . . .
Wine and spirits
Diageo North America filed label approval applications for Smirnoff Source, an alcohol-infused spring water malt beverage in two flavors, Pure Orange and Pure Citrus…
Diamond Estates Wine & Spirits, Toronto, and actor Dan Aykroyd will launch a new line of Dan Aykroyd-labeled wines in 2007. Less than one year after investing $1 million into four wineries owned by Diamond Estates, Aykroyd will launch two ranges of Canadian wine, the Dan Aykroyd Signature Reserve Series of super-premium offerings and the Dan Aykroyd Discovery Series of mid-priced wines…
A.V. Imports, Columbia, Md., introduced Quattro, a fusion of Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Noir, in a sleek cylindrical bottle, corked and then topped with a resealable cap. The wine retails for $11.99…
Luctor International, Orlando, Fla., debuted Pomegranate Van Gogh Vodka…
Palm Bay Imports Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., released four new Bauchant fruit liqueurs, each crafted from XO Cognac blended with natural fruit juice and spring water. Pomegranate, Apple, Pear and Raspberry XO Liqueurs are packaged in 750-ml. bottles for $39.99…
Bottled water
Glacéau, Whitestone, N.Y., released Vitaminwater in a 12-ounce bottle as an option for schools. The version will be available in four varieties — Power-C, Revive, Essential and Focus — and will be sold in single-serve bottles for $0.99 and four-packs for $3.99...
Soft drinks
Gus – Grown-up Soda, New York, added a seventh flavor, Dry Pomegranate, to its line of sodas marketed as less sweet than traditional soft drinks…
Rogue Ales, Newport, Ore., released Rogue Ales’ World Champion XStreme, XSperience and XSpecial ales are available in 750-ml. ceramic swingtop bottles and on draft…
Coffee and tea
Sara Lee Corp. will introduce a record 20 new beverage and food products during the 2007 fiscal calendar, which internationally will include new Senseo single-serve cappuccino pods, new tea pods and mug-size coffee pods. Portable cold coffee drinks also will debut in Europe...
Energy drinks
High Performance Beverage Co., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., added an 11-ounce, lightweight, plastic resealable bottle version of its NOS High Performance Energy Drink. The bottle resembles a nitrous oxide system canister…
Powered drinks
Stephen’s Gourmet, Farmington, Utah, released Candycane Cocoa, milk chocolate with the sweet taste of peppermint, in single-serve packs or boxes of 32-packs at larger grocery chains…