Creators Briefs

Aloe vera supplier
Yunnan Yuanjiang Evergreen Biological Industry Co. Ltd. is the largest aloe vera raw materials manufacturer in Asia, and is involved in the vertically integrated supply of raw aloe vera materials. All of its aloe vera gels, whole leaf, concentrates and powders are tested and guaranteed to be biologically active. Its entire product line is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). Evergreen Biological Industry uses membrane separation technology to supply aloe vera pulp juice, whole leaf dried powder, whole leaf juice, whole leaf concentrate, gel juice and gel concentrate, among other freeze-dried and powdered aloe vera products. — Yunnan Yuanjiang Evergreen Biological Industry Co. Ltd., Room 208 Building A2 Industrial Garden for Overseas Chinese Scholars, Road 9 Northern Section of Kunming High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Kunming, China 650106; 86/871-8313676;
Healthy ingredient offerings
Wild Flavors’ HITS — Health Ingredient Technology & Solutions — allows beverage manufacturers to utilize functional ingredients while creating great-tasting products. Wild’s original line of HITS ingredients, such as lutein, lycopene, grape seed extract, green tea polyphenols and co-enzyme Q10, has now been expanded to include the following:
• Co-Enzyme Q10 in a water-soluble emulsion — a clean-tasting emulsion that also helps eliminate problems for manufacturers and co-packers utilizing Co-Q10.
• Co-Enzyme Q10 in dry, water-dispersible form — a water-dispersible form allowing for use in dry applications such as powdered drinks.
• Chlorogenic Acid — a polyphenol compound known for its antioxidant properties for numerous applications.
• Phytosterol Emulsions — phytosterol emulsions with cholesterol-lowering properties for easier handling and usage within beverage applications. — Wild Flavors Inc., 1261 Pacific Ave., Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 888/945-3352 8677;
Healthy energy
Sports drinks containing Palatinose, the new functional carbohydrate from Palatinit, will provide a healthier and longer-lasting energy supply than currently available in other sports beverages. Palatinose, generic name isomaltulose, is a natural constituent of honey and sugar cane. It has a natural, mild sweet taste, and can be used in food and beverages. Like sucrose, Palatinose is fully digested and thus has the same caloric value. Unlike sucrose, Palatinose is digested more slowly and promotes fat oxidation. This slow digestibility also results in a low glycemic response and a low insulinemic response, as well as a prolonged energy supply in the form of glucose. — Palatinit of America Inc., Gibraltar Drive, Suite 2B, Morris Plains, N.J. 07950; 973/539-6644;
Probiotic chilled beverages
Chr. Hansen now takes probiotics beyond yogurt. Fresh, chilled beverages such as orange juice are likely candidates for frontrunner in the next probiotic market development. The company believes the market will see the first probiotic fruit juices and drinking milks on breakfast tables before the end of 2005. The key to the development of the second-generation probiotic products is a special Direct Liquid Inoculation system. It allows food producers to add the probiotic bacteria directly to the finished food product. In a standard production run, heat treatment of the beverage would kill the live probiotic bacteria. With Chr. Hansen’s new Direct Liquid Inoculation solution, the healthy bacteria can be added to milk or juice after heat treatment in a closed and sanitary system. This will make it possible for producers to make safe probiotic beverages in a flexible manner and using their existing equipment. The new technique to incorporate probiotics has been developed by Chr. Hansen and Tetra Pak in close cooperation. It utilizes Tetra Pak’s aseptic dosing system Flex Dos. More work is being done to satisfy milk handling regulations in individual countries. — Chr. Hansen Inc., 9015 West Maple Street, P.O. Box 14428, Milwaukee, Wis. 53214; 414/607-5700;
GRAS gum
TIC Pretested Ticamulsion A-2010 has proved to be a superior emulsifying agent over traditional gum arabic and modified food starches in flavor emulsions and beverage concentrates. An expert panel from the Flavor Extract Manufacturing Association has reviewed data on modified gum acacia, sold under the trade name Ticamulsion A-2010, and approved it to be listed as a General Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredient. In its most recent action, FEMA assigned Ticamulsion A-2010 the GRAS #4227. — TIC Gums Inc., 4609 Richlynn Drive, Belcamp, Md. 21017-0369; 800/899-3953;
Healthy juice drinks
Flavors From Florida has introduced HealthSystems for fruit drinks to respond to the increasing demand from consumers for healthier fruit beverages. The HealthSystems program showcases flavor systems creating new classes of beverages that address health and wellness goals while maintaining taste profiles and economics that consumers want. A key capability in developing flavorful, healthy juice drinks is the 15-year development focus on less-than-100-percent-juice drinks that have the same mouthfeel as 100 percent juice. When combined with nutritional additives and other ingredients such as soy and milk, a good performing flavor system can be achieved. - Flavors From Florida, 203 Bartow Municipal Airport, Bartow, Fla. 33830; 863/533-0408;
Aloe crystal flake
Aloecorp has introduced Qmatrix Proprietary Processing Technology - a multiphase aloe manufacturing process consisting of technological innovation and processing upgrades that, combined, produce an aloe crystal flake. Qmatrix utilizes a combination of Aloecorp’s patent-pending Low Temperature/Short Time (LTST) Aloe dehydration technology, and its patented Modified Aloe Polysaccharide (MAP) process. MAP involves the enzymatic modification of aloe polysaccharides to meet a molecular weight distribution that aids in enhanced bioactivity. The crystal flakes produced using Qmatrix contain superior benefits to traditionally produced aloe, with a “same as fresh” quality upon reconstitution and unparalleled solubility. Qmatrix allows for the simultaneous dehydration of whole foods such as berry purees and whole aloe - producing a nutritious powder that can easily be reconstituted, bottled or packaged dry to make an aloe drink. - Aloecorp Inc., a subsidiary of Univera Inc., 2660 Willamette Dr. NE
Lacey, Wash. 98516; 800/458-2563;