Glass-Like Pet
Le Bleu Corp., Advance, N.C., has developed a new bottle for its Le Bleu water, which is co-branded with entrepreneur and restaurateur Phil Romano. Le Bleu’s Premium Ultra Pure Bottled Water is touted as “Romano Selection” and includes a statement from Romano on the bottle. Le Bleu is available in 20-ounce and 1.5-liter bottles. The cobalt blue bottle and metallic foil label is designed to feel and look like a glass bottle, but is made of PET for safety and practicality.
Package overhaul
Soledad, Calif.-based Estancia wines recently received a packaging facelift. Enhanced with a new logo in a “breezy” font scrolled across a linen color and texture, the label reflects the casual and modern aspects of consumer lifestyles, according to the company.
Additionally, the bottle style and capsules have been updated to improve shelf appeal. The 2002 Estancia Monterey Pinnacles Ranches Chardonnay, 2002 Estancia Monterey Pinnacles Ranches Pinot Noir and the 2002 Estancia Paso Robles Keyes Canyon Ranches Cabernet Sauvignon are among the revamped varietals.
Nutrisoda news
Ardea Beverage Co., Hopkins, Minn., recently debuted new packaging for its Airforce Nutrisoda line. Maintaining the 8.4-ounce proportions, Nutrisoda’s Radiant, Flex, Immune, Focus, Calm and Energize flavors feature airplane logos and simplified overall package design.
Jones interactive package
Jones Soda Co., Seattle, has introduced interactive Fridge Pack 12-packs for six 12-ounce soda flavors. Featuring photos submitted by consumers, the new refrigerator-friendly package is sold at Target stores nationwide. The flavors available include Green Apple, Blue Bubblegum, Strawberry Lime, Cream Soda, Root Beer and Sugar-Free Black Cherry.
Pack attack
Following the success of its 12-can Fridge Pack, Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, has introduced the Fridge 18-can Pack. Three Miller beers will be available in the new package: Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Genuine Draft Light. According to reports, Miller’s 12-pack sales have increased 25 percentage points since the company introduced the 12-can Fridge Pack.
Frosty rendition
Todhunter International along with Saxco International Inc., Horsham, Pa., has upgraded its Cruzan Rum package. The overall package evolution began five years ago when the bottle was redesigned. Now flavors such as Tropical Rum feature silver Stelcaps and acid etching, which provides a frosted appearance. Additionally, colored stripes added to the bottle coincide with the flavor of rum inside, including mango, vanilla, pineapple and banana.
Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co., Orlando, Fla., recently redesigned its coffee packs as part of its café program. All coffees will be packaged in Barnie’s Café Scene film, available in 2.25-ounce fraction packs, and served in restaurants, hotels, universities and offices. Flavors include Thunderbolt Dark Roast, Mocha Java and Cool Café Blues and Santa’s White Christmas.
Sleeve introductions
Ameri-Seal Inc., Chatsworth, Calif., recently designed a PETG sleeve for a new non-alcoholic cosmopolitan mix by Skyy Spirits, San Francisco. The company also was involved in creating a “dazzling” printed sleeve for Wild Buzz Energy Drink. Using PETG film instead of PVC, the label provides a full-body sleeve that is printed in six colors on rotogravure presses.