Belt sorter
FKI Logistex recently launched the UniSort Linear Belt Sorter (LBS), a new patent-pending configuration of the company's UniSort sortation platform. The LBS uses narrow-gap, linear-belt technology to provide gentle item handling and high-accuracy diversion in an overall high-throughput design. The LBS employs individual slats equipped with diverting belts to deliver high-accuracy sorting of items ranging from small consumer goods to oversize baggage. The LBS uses the technology of the UniSort XV, including its frame, chain-drive, chain-carrying surface and electric switch technology. Available in multiple belt widths and a variety of layout configurations, the LBS can be equipped with single- or dual-sided divert points. — FKI Logistex, 1500 Lebanon Rd. Danville, Ky. 40422; 877/935-4564;
Case coder
Domino recently introduced laser-coding solutions. Its high-speed S300 and S300B, designed for the PET industry and complimented by the A300SE are recommended for wet and vapor-laden atmospheres such as canning or soda bottling plants. The C6000-Multi, a highly configurable outer case coder, also was recently introduced. The S300 and S300B are recommended for high-speed lines, and are new additions to the Domino S-Series of CO2 scribing lasers. The S300B features blue tube technology, which helps achieve production speeds of more than 1,000 bottles per minute printing a two-line code. The C6000-Multi outer case coding system features high-resolution barcodes and logos. Each C6000 head runs 23/4 inches of print and is recommended for carton decoration and full-spec barcodes. — Domino Amjet Inc., 1290 Lakeside Dr., Gurnee, Ill. 60031; 847/244-2501;
Monitor debut
Allen-Bradley has introduced VersaView, a 20-inch flat-panel monitor designed to fit in a standard 9 U-size cutout. As a replacement for Allen-Bradley 6185-D and 6157-C, and Intecolor FP18 and E19 panel-mount units, the new VersaView monitor allows users to take advantage of the latest technology without re-designing their control panels. The VersaView 2000M industrial monitors are available with aluminum or stainless steel bezels, at a 1,600 by 1,200 resolution, and offer longer backlight life than smaller VersaView monitors, and 9 U rack-mount capability. The 1200W Industrial Workstation features an integrated configurable keypad and programmable keys that can function as I/O when connected to a controller. VersaView 1200P, 1500P and 1700P integrated industrial computers also offer an upgraded CPU, more RAM and increased hard disk drive space. — Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Ave. South, Bloomington, Minn. 55438; 800/223-5354, Ext. 1755
Liquid waveguide
K-Tek, a manufacturer of instrumentation for liquid detection, recently introduced the MT2000 Waveguide Model C8P71. Designed for use with the MT2000 guided wave radar level transmitter, the C8P71 is a coupler and waveguide created specifically for high-temperature and high-pressure hydrocarbon applications. The coupler can withstand extreme pressure and has a high temperature rating. The C8P71 alleviates divergence problems and echoes from tank walls and surrounding structures, has a hermetic seal and is unaffected by vapors (excluding steam). — K-TEK, 18321 Swamp Rd., Prairieville, La. 70769; 225/673-6100;
Plant safety system
Emerson Process Management announces the new DeltaV SIS system, part of Emerson’s new Safety Instrumented System (SIS), an integrated solution that extends the PlantWeb digital plant architecture for customers implementing safer processes in plants and facilities. Comprised of 16-channel modular logic solvers, the DeltaV SIS system can be deployed in distributed fashion to perform programmable electronic system functions for safety needs. The DeltaV SIS system digitally integrates with safety-certified sensors and final control elements to build Emerson’s unique smart SIS solution. The SIS system is rated for SIL 1-3 safety applications, in compliance with the stringent international standard IEC61508 for safety functionality, and has been designed to integrate all the tools to fulfill the customer design requirements of the IEC61511.— Emerson Process Management, 12301 Research Blvd., Research Park Plaza, Bldg. 3, Austin, Texas 78759; 512/832-3089;
Tag development
UPM Rafsec recently released its state-of-the-art UHF product portfolio at Frontline Solutions 2004 in Chicago. As a manufacturer of UHF tags, UPM Rafsec has produced hundreds of antenna design iterations and invested in capacity to supply volume quantities of UHF tags. Additionally, the company has a line of RFID tags, offering a complete portfolio for three UHF protocols: EPC Class 1 96 bit, Class 0+ 256 bit and UCode EPC 1.19 256 bit. UPM Rafsec offers many tag sizes and RF absorbency or reflectance. Additionally, the company has doubled the RFID tag and label production capacity of its plant in Jyväskylä, Finland. — UPM Rafsec USA; 812 Dobbin Ct., Hebron, Ky. 41048; 859/586-7006;
Tubular membrane
TAMI Industries, a manufacturer of ceramic membranes for liquid separation/filtration, has introduced its Isoflux tubular membrane. Designed as part of the Inside CéRAM tubular membrane line, the Isoflux solves the problem of non-uniform trans-membrane pressure within the membrane. This new membrane is used for sterilizing milk and protein solutions, separating casein/protein, sugars, gelatin and extracting from fermentation broth. The tubular Isoflux membranes are available in 1-inch diameter and in three versions with eight (Daisy), 23 (Sunflower), or 39 (Dahlia) channels. — TAMI North America, Jean-Yves Bergel, 1635 rue de l‚ Everest, St., Laurent, QC, H4R 2V5, Canada; 514/334-7417;
Plug-in mixer
The HydroCal recently introduced the Polychem System for mixing. In addition to operating unattended, the unit can be plugged into a wall socket and plumbs with a garden hose. It requires 2.5 amps and 120 volts of power. The Polychem Systems provide an alternative to batch mixing, offer combinations of static mixers or centrifugal pumps, and have no moving parts, enhanced safety and improved coagulation/flocculation. — HydroCal, 22732 Granite Way, Ste. A, Laguna Hills, Calif. 92653; 949/455-0765
Paperwork solution
PSI has introduced a modular-enhanced AutoSlip, which decreases delivery paperwork. The AutoSlip system automatically prints packing lists and/or invoices, then folds and inserts them into an adhesive packing slip pouch. Equipped with an applicator to automatically attach the adhesive packing slip pouch to cartons as they move along on the conveyor, the AutoSlip requires less manual labor per job. It can print-on-demand, accumulate up to six pages of customer-specific information, and provides dual barcode scanning. AutoSlip can be integrated into existing hardware and software systems. — PSI Peripheral Solutions Inc., 3380 Sheridan Dr., Ste. 246, Amherst, N.Y. 14226; 800/774-5758;
RFID module
SATO America Inc. has introduced the SATO RFID-enabled Series OEM print engines. The RFID module adopted by SATO operates in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band (915 MHz) and conforms to the EPC Class 1 standard. SATO also offers complete EPC-compliant RFID solutions including pre-planning consultation, site surveys, pilot planning and implementation, and post-pilot consultation and customer service. Additionally, SATO recently introduced the complete multi-protocol EPC-compliant RFID solutions for customer pilots and beta tests, and fully supports the Uniform Code Council's (UCC) EPC initiatives, including projects driven by Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense and other major retailers. — SATO America Inc., 10350A Nations Ford Rd., Charlotte, N.C. 28273; 704/644-1650;
Wireless computers
LXE recently introduced the VX6 and VX7 rugged vehicle-mount computers, as part of its line of wireless computers for freezer or cold storage applications. The Windows CE .NET based VX6 (half screen) and VX7 (full screen) vehicle-mount computers enable customers to run the same CE .NET applications on both handheld and vehicle-mount computers. In addition, LXE's heated MX5 handheld computer features magnesium housing. LXE's Spire Antenna, based on technology originally developed for space applications, reduces the problems associated with RF multipathing. All of LXE's mobile freezer and low-temperature computers support LXE's RFTerm multi-session terminal emulator. — LXE Inc., 125 Technology Pkwy., Norcross, Ga. 30092; 770-729-6643;
Floor repairer
Kwasny Flooring & Lining Systems now offers SaniCrete and SaniPatch floor repair kits. SaniPatch is a do-it-yourself concrete repair kit that consists of a three-component, polyurethane-cementitious, moisture-insensitive repair material; pre-measured with the appropriate amount of resin, hardener and specially blended aggregate. SaniPatch allows for easy installation over wet or damp concrete, and is available in pre-measured kits of 10 square feet in either red or gray. SaniCrete is a sanitary seamless flooring product installed by Kwasny Flooring & Lining Systems. SaniCrete is a flooring product that can be used in many types of facilities. It involves a one-step application with a rapid cure time, and can be installed over damp concrete. — Kwasny Flooring & Lining Systems, 24535 Hallwood Court; Farmington Hills, Mich. 48335; 248/893-1000;;;
Chain lubricant
Chemetall Oakite has introduced FiSan Oxy Glide, a highly concentrated conveyor chain lubricant that is safe on PET plastic bottles. A blend of non-ionic surfactants, lubricant additives and hydrogen peroxide, Oakite FiSan Oxy Glide contains zero alkalinity, and is recommended for bottling lines filling and capping PET bottles as well as other beverage containers on plastic chains. The hydrogen peroxide formulated into Oakite FiSan Oxy Glide lowers the biological oxygen demand (BOD) of effluent and retards bacterial growth in drip pans and drains for sanitary maintenance of bottling lines. Oakite FiSan Oxy Glide can be run at concentrations as low as 600-
to-1 on plastic conveyor chains, and normal working concentrations range between 0.17 to 1 percent by volume of water. — Chemetall Oakite, 50 Valley Road, Berkeley Heights, N.J., 07922; 800/526-4473;