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From start to finish: American Beverage Depot handles private label juice, soft drinks
As sales of private label products continue to grow, retailers looking to take advantage of opportunities in this expanding segment of the beverage market are turning to American Beverage Depot.
“We’re taking it to the next level,” says Doug Stuart, vice president of sales and co-packing. “We have a design team. We can develop flavors. We can co-pack products for customers. We can be innovative and creative, and can offer regional brands.”
American Beverage Depot, a newcomer to the U.S. market, has a strong history beginning in Argentina in 1978, where it is known for its command of the wine industry with 40 percent market share. Its international experience offers customers ethnic juices and soft drinks at competitive prices.
With its brand-new, state-of-art $19-million manufacturing plant in Miami, American Beverage Depot offers its customers a real advantage in fulfilling all of their retail private-label juice needs.
 “We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing center that we believe is second to none in the United States,” Stuart says. “We can manufacture Tetra Pak in a 1-liter box, we can manufacture water in the PET bottles. We blowmold our own bottles, which is very unique. We have our own labels, and can apply our own labels. There are a lot of advantages to our efficiencies, which ultimately give a higher quality standard and a lower competitive price.”
American Beverage Depot offers private label and full packing services with its PET soft drink and water lines, Tetra Pak juice line, and multiple-package can line.
Served in a 1-liter Tetra Pak box, its Goliath nectar juices feature 20 to 30 percent juice and 100 percent vitamin C.  “These are high quality. They’re true juices, ethnic drinks from Argentina, but at the same time they relate very well to the U.S. market,” Stuart says.  
American Beverage Depot also plans to introduce Aloha Springs water, which will be positioned as a high-quality, value-priced water. BI