Low-carb solutions
At the IFT Food Expo 2004, The Solae Co. will feature its ingredient solutions for low-carbohydrate, high-protein foods and beverages. The company will demonstrate how its soy protein, soy nuggets, soy fiber and soy lecithin ingredients address today’s demand for foods and beverages that fit a healthy, low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Get the latest updates on nutrition research supporting the health benefits of soy protein, and learn about emerging claim opportunities, including The Solae Soy Protein and Satiety Structure Function Claim and its recent petition to the FDA for a Soy Protein and Cancer Risk Reduction Health Claim. — The Solae Co., IFT Booth 2966; 800/325-7108; solae.com
Flavors for proteins
Virginia Dare will feature its new VidaPro Flavors at this year’s IFT show. VidaPro Flavors were developed specifically for use in protein-based foods and beverages, and demonstrate a unique flavor delivery system that promotes quick flavor release with sustained performance. Stop by the booth and try a nutritional bar, an ice cream treat or a flavored iced tea. Applications specialists will be available to discuss your product development issues. — Virginia Dare, IFT Booth 2449; 410/569-9766; virginiadare.com
Old-fashioned malt flavors
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. plans to “Shake it up baby!” at the 2004 IFT Food Expo by serving cold, refreshing samples of old-fashioned malted milk shakes at its booth. The samples feature Briess Malted Milk Powder, a natural, malty-flavored sweetener produced from Briess malted barley, wheat, milk, bicarbonate of soda and salt. Malted Milk Powder is regaining favor with food and beverage manufacturers because of its wide range of applications as a natural, healthy sweetener. Baked goods, bagels, sweet snacks, cappuccino, flavored milk drinks, confectionery, cereal, bars and more can be flavored and sweetened with Malted Milk Powder. — Briess Malt & Ingredients Co., IFT Booth 3426; 920/849-7711; briess.com
Gums for low-carb products
TIC Gums is planning to show manufacturers how gum systems can help boost soluble dietary fiber levels and thereby reduce the “net carbs” of their formulations. The company also is using the IFT forum to highlight its experience in the dairy industry. As a leading gum supplier to dairy processors and manufacturers around the country, TIC Gums has invested considerably in dairy product innovation, especially through its new state-of-the-art dairy pilot plant in Belcamp, Md. The company’s latest line of stabilizers for use in dairy products, the Dairyblend series, will be promoted at the exhibit. — TIC Gums, IFT Booth 153; 800/221-3953; ticgums.com
‘Hit your flavor target faster’
Stop by the David Michael & Co. booth to discover the new MichaelCap technology. MichaelCap microencapsulated flavors offer numerous benefits when compared to spray drying, including increased flavor load, shelf life and heat release. The company also will be showing its Adults-Only flavors — a line of non-alcoholic flavors that taste like the real thing, and DM Choice flavors — a line of savory flavors designed to withstand high temperatures from microwaving. — David Michael & Co., IFT Booth 2143; 215/632-3100; dmflavors.com
Health-conscious ingredients
Nutrinova will showcase a selection of partially sugar-replaced drinks containing blends with its high-intensity sweetener, Sunett acesulfame K. The booth also will feature an orange juice drink that incorporates Nutrinova’s DHA, a highly concentrated, vegetable source of DHA. Both ingredients offer manufacturers innovative ways of developing food and beverage products that fulfill the demands of health-conscious consumers. — Nutrinova Inc., IFT Booth 0510; 732/271 7221; nutrinova.com
Plant sterols
Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) recently received Novel Foods authorization from the European Union Commission for use of plant-derived sterols and sterol esters in specified food products. With the EU approval, ADM’s customers may now use plant-derived sterols and sterol esters in milk type products such as semi and skimmed milks, which may incorporate fruits and/or cereals; fermented milk products such as yogurt, soy drinks and cheese type products. Stop by ADM’s booth to find out more about plant sterols and its other products. — Archer Daniels Midland Co., IFT Booth 2547; 800/637-5843; admworld.com
Tropical fruit flavors
Treatt USA will present its range of tropical Treattarome products at the IFT show. The ingredients assist in the creation of authentic-tasting tropical flavors that reflect the true character of the original fruit. New additions to the Treattarome line-up include watermelon, kiwi, passion fruit and guava flavors. The company also will feature Citreatt concentrated and terpeneless oils for citrus flavors in a number of food and beverage applications, and high-impact specialty flavor chemicals. — Treatt USA, IFT Booth 1334; 863/668-9500; treatt.com