On April 13, Cargill will host a webinar on Tackling the Challenges Associated with Creating Great Tasting Reduced Calorie Beverages. Moderated by Beverage Industry’s Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Fuhrman, the one-hour webcast will address the key challenges currently facing reduced calorie beverage-makers.

Topics include the following:

• What trends are pushing reduced calorie beverages to the forefront of consumers’ minds?

• We’ve had the tools to formulate great tasting reduced calorie beverages for decades, why is it still so hard?

• How can Cargill help beverage makers overcome the challenges associated with formulating reduced calorie beverages?

As moderator of this session, Fuhrman will set the stage by sharing beverage trends and formulation insights. Amy Boileau, associate director of Cargill scientific and regulatory affairs will provide an overview of some of the policies and regulations that are impacting the food and beverage industry.

In addition, Andy del Rosal, team leader of Cargill's beverage applications scientists, will discuss TasteWise reduced calorie solutions, Cargill’s new approach, technology and ingredients that enable beverage-makers to create great-tasting reduced calorie beverages. Ralf Loeffelholz from the Truvia rebiana commercialization team also will share data from a recent study regarding consumer attitudes toward zero calorie sweeteners and will suggest a new way of defining the market for zero-calorie beverages.

To register for the event, go to http://www.cargill.com/food/na/en/ie/innovation-exchange-webinars/index.jsp