Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. (DPS), Plano, Texas, released its first corporate social responsibility report, a document that outlines five-year goals for sustainability, health and wellness, philanthropy, workplace environment and ethical sourcing.

Over the next five years, the company plans to replace 60,000 vending machines with equipment that is about 30 percent more energy efficient, recycle 80 percent of solid waste in manufacturing and increase product shipments per gallon of fuel by 20 percent compared to 2009, among other environmental goals. DPS also will commission annual third-party risk assessments of its suppliers to ensure compliance with the company’s ethical code, it says.

“Our evolution into an integrated beverage business has strengthened our ability to serve our customers and consumers while maintaining our responsibility to serve the needs of society and the planet we all share,” said Larry Young, president and chief executive officer of DPS, in a statement. “Setting and achieving long-term goals to improve our environmental and social performance is a vital part of achieving sustainable growth, because these goals reflect the best interests of the people who make, sell, buy, invest in, and enjoy our brands every day.”

To further health and wellness, the company plans to shift at least 50 percent of innovation projects to focus on reducing calories, offering smaller portions and improving nutrition during the next five years, the company says.

With a goal of contributing 100,000 volunteer hours and giving $10 million a year in charitable donations, DPS also will support fit and active lifestyles, sustainability, emergency relief and community celebrations, it says.

DPS also will try to become more efficient in terms of time lost to workplace injuries. It aims to reduce that time lost by 25 percent by 2015, the company says.