Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC, Raleigh, N.C., has signed on to distribute Cheerwine, a soft drink from Carolina Beverage Corp. in Raleigh.

The deal will extend Cheerwine’s reach in Raleigh as PBV distributes the drink to all of its retail outlets and channels in its local franchise, Cheerwine said, in a statement. Raleigh is one of Cheerwine’s top markets, it says.

“Because of our new distribution, the opportunity for local residents to engage with Cheerwine will grow significantly,” said Tom Barbitta, vice president of markeing for Cheerwine, in a statement. “Boiled down, it means that, when our fans in Raleigh want us, we’ll be there.”

The companies paired up late in 2009 for distribution in Delaware and Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula.