Sidney Frank Importing Co. partnered with the last independent, Irish-owned distillery in Ireland for its new Michael Collins 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. The whiskey is double-distilled in small, long-necked copper pot stills from malted barley and peated malted barley and matured in small bourbon seasoned casks for a minimum of 10 years. Michael Collins 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey has a slightly sweet nose that is rich and complex with hints of ripe fruit, flowers and peat as well as a lingering light smokiness, the company says. The new variety is packaged in the brand’s re-designed bottle and label, which highlights the heritage of the whiskey that is named after Irish independence icon Michael Collins. The label features the Celtic Trinity Swirl and an icon of Collins on a bicycle. The 10 Year Old Single Malt whiskey is available in 750-ml. bottle for $39.99.

Sidney Frank Importing Co. Inc., New Rochelle, N.Y.
Distribution: Select markets