Ito En relaunched its Teas’ Tea line with a three-tier approach that includes its existing Unsweetened line along with new Low-Calorie and Classic varieties. The Low-Calorie segment includes new Teas’ Tea Blueberry Green, Lemon Black and Mango Oolong flavors. The reduced calorie flavors contain between 8 to 9 grams of natural cane sugar and 40 calories in each serving, the company says. The Teas’ Tea Classic varieties have 70 calories in each serving and are available in Crispy Apple and Country Peach flavors. The Low-Calorie and Classic varieties are packaged in 16.9-ounce recyclable PETE 1 bottles. In addition, the company also introduced a new lighter bottle for its Teas’ Tea Unsweetened line, which is packaged in rectangular 16.9-ounce PETE 1 bottles.

Ito En North America Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Low-Calorie Mango Oolong: Purified water, cane sugar, natural flavor, oolong tea, citric acid and ascorbic acid.