Monster expanded its Java Monster line with five new offerings and added Monster Mixxd. Lo-Ball, a low-calorie version of Java Monster Originale, offers 50 calories per serving and Nut-Up is Java Monster’s take on a non-fat soy latte. Monster also added an international line of Java Monster beverages with Irish, a Java Monster premium coffee and cream in a non-alcohol Irish blend, which the company suggests to mix with whiskey.

Java Monster Russian is a non-alcohol premium coffee and cream that the company suggests mixing with vodka. Java Monster Chai Hai + Energy is formulated with tea leaves, cream, spices and an energy blend. All Java Monster energy drinks are packaged in 15-ounce cans.

Monster also added Monster Mixxd, a combination of Monster’s energy blend and fruit juices. The energy drink contains apple and red grape concentrates, and offers 30 percent juice. Monster Mixxd is bottled in 8.3, 16 and 24-ounce cans.