Superfood smoothies
NBI Juiceworks released a Superfood Smoothie line of 100 percent juices. The line contains “Lifeguard Protection,” a fortification package of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids electrolytes and herbs, the company says. The smoothies include Stamina (Fruit Smoothie – Grape Apple) that aims to fight fatigue; Strength (Protein Smoothie – Orange Crème) that seeks to fuel and repair muscles; Revitalize (Fruit Smoothie – Apple Kiwi Mango) that restores balance and essential elements for your body; Defense (Fruit & Veggie Smoothie – Berry) that acts as an immunity booster, and Heart Healthy (Fruit Smoothie – Tropical Passion) that promotes heart health. The products contain three servings of fruit and/or vegetables per 12-ounce bottle.