Mingle Mocktails, the female-founded line of clean-crafted sparkling mocktails, unveiled its newest flavor: the Sparkling Raspberry Rosé. 

Sparkling Raspberry Rosé is the seventh cocktail-inspired addition to Mingle's portfolio.

 This new flavor, characterized by raspberry notes and a crisp, dry finish, offers a non-alcohol rosé option that is suitable for any time of day throughout rosé season and beyond, the company says. Notably, it boasts 35% less sugar than a traditional 4-ounce serving of rosé, showcasing Mingle's commitment to curating healthier choices with clean ingredients, it adds.

“We're excited to introduce another exciting flavor to our growing portfolio,” said Mingle Mocktails Founder Laura Taylor in a statement. “Prepare to add a splash of pink to your summer with our latest zero-proof option, perfect for any occasion.”

 Mingle investor and strategic partner Bethenny Frankel, added: “As someone who appreciates rosé, I am excited about the launch of Mingle Mocktails’ non-alcoholic rosé option. This crisp and delightful creation is sure to be a hit at celebrations all summer long.”

Mingle’s Sparkling Raspberry Rosé now is available  in a four-pack of 12-ounce cans with a suggested retail price of $13.99. The new flavor currently can be purchased in stores at Total Wine & More at all 262 locations, as well as online by visiting the company’s website.