Pretty Tasty announced the launch of its first ready-to-drink (RTD) collagen tea line: Pretty Tasty Collagen Tea.

Boasting high-quality collagen peptides, Pretty Tasty Tea is rejuvenating and beautifully crafted from the inside out to pack all the proven benefits of collagen into a naturally flavored tea, the company says.

“Pretty Tasty Tea makes drinking collagen easier and more delicious than ever,” said Scarlett Leung, chief brand officer and co-founder of Pretty Tasty, in a statement. “I've been an avid consumer of collagen for years, and I always found the beauty benefits to be fantastic — but the experience of drinking collagen to be messy, gritty, often unpleasant and inconvenient. 

“Alongside a team of beverage industry veterans, I set out to formulate a new option that could be convenient, crisper and more refreshing, without the lingering aftertaste typical of other collagen teas,” Leung continues. “With Pretty Tasty Tea we’ve redesigned the entire collagen tea experience, even down to the gorgeous packaging, and look forward to it becoming a beauty ritual staple.”

Each variety — Peach Tea and Raspberry Tea— is formulated with high-quality collagen peptides, features natural ingredients such as carrots and black currants for color and is lightly sweetened using stevia leaf extract, the company notes. A single-serving 45 calorie can includes the recommended daily amount of collagen peptides, which have been known to support joint health, the skin’s moisture barrier (which improves elasticity and hydration), nail beds, and hair through increased keratin production, it says.

In addition to its RTD cans, Pretty Tasty also released single-serving stick packs in Peach Tea, Raspberry Tea and Lemon Tea varieties. All cans and stick packs are made with 10 grams of protein, no artificial colors and are free from all major allergens including soy, gluten, lactose and nuts, the company says.

Pretty Tasty Tea now is available to purchase at Amazon, as well as by visiting the company’s website with additional retail rollout including new flavor varieties and expanded retailer availability, it says.